Magical Hummingbirds for the weekend.

During the cold winter days and nights…..think pink…


and drink from the sweet nectar of life…..


Float free of time


And engage with beautiful colour….


Have a beautiful weekend, surrounded by Magical Hummingbirds and painted elephants:)


A Bientôt

20 thoughts on “Magical Hummingbirds for the weekend.

  1. snowbird

    Oh… I enjoyed this, what delightful images and advice, both are exactly what I need on a cold winters day. Wishing you a wonderful weekend

  2. Gill McGrath

    I must add this Janet. I have been ill over the last three days. Nearly landed up in hospital two days ago. Managed a few buttons on the blog ( a sort of challenge, but so difficult) and so glad the sun and clouds are right outside the window and cold snap a few, but my heart wasn’t in it !! Just called this moment on your blog to see your work and its the first time I have felt OK for days. Thanks to your humming birds and gentle words, ❤ I really do feel so much better. Gill xxxxx

    1. janet weight reed

      Hi Gil, – I am so sorry to hear that you haven’t been well, but oh so pleased that the magical hummingbirds and accompanying words have helped. I do hope you feel much better soon…..Janet. xxx


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