A reminder of spring to come….

I took this photograph last Spring at Petersham Nursery which is not too far from where I live.

Along with beautiful flowers inside the greenhouses and outside in the gardens, delicious food is served.     I enjoy going there to have tea and cake:)

Thought is would remind everyone that beneath the cold and snow life is moving towards the beauty of Spring…..wont be too long now. 


Clearly, magical hummingbirds abound in this place…….


A Bientôt

10 thoughts on “A reminder of spring to come….

  1. olganm

    Lovely reminder. I needed that. Here quite dull and temperatures have dropped although better than in many parts of the country. Thanks for the magical hummingbirds…

    1. janet weight reed

      The first sighting of a crocus is always wonderful….When I lived in Wales, and walked the same route each day, year in year out so that I became completely familiar with the flora/fauna and animal life….there was one little patch by a stream, where I would always see my first crocus….:):) Happy days.xxx


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