Quintin – Little boy lost. –

This is another short, true story about a ‘little boy lost – named Quintin’

Watercolour portrait of Quintin 


‘I was staying with friends in Scaer, a small town in Brittany, France.    It was the summer of 1995, and the day was very hot.

Friends of my hosts came to visit with their children, along with a little boy who had recently become the victim of a difficult divorce.      His Mother, a solicitor, had recently moved to Paris for work – and the Father had gone elsewhere.

It was clear from the moment I met the little boy that he felt alienated…unable to join in with the other children.     For that matter, I was feeling a little alienated myself, in that the talk was all about the parent’s divorce.

I took him into the garden where we found a shady spot beneath a beautiful tree.   We sat together for a long time…just quietly taking one another in.

When I started to sketch him with my watercolours, he began to show interest.    For the first time he spoke and told me his name was ‘Quintin’  –  in England we would spell and pronounce it as Quentin.

I am not sure exactly how long we sat together, but I do know that by the time I painted the portrait shown here, we had established a special bond.

Sometime later that day, Quintin and the people who had brought him left.    I will never forget how difficult it was for us both to say goodbye.

I never saw Quintin again, or found out what happened to him.     Today he would be about 25 years old.     If I were ever to meet him again, I would give him this portrait.

I also hope that the magical hummingbirds are looking over him, wherever he is.


A bientôt

14 thoughts on “Quintin – Little boy lost. –

  1. Julie Aardema

    This brought tears to my eyes, both joy and sorrow. I hope Quentin reaches out to you. Thanks for the story.<3 ❤

  2. snowbird

    Ahhhhh….what a poignant story, tore at my heartstrings it did! I love the portrait, you get a deep sense of sadness from it….I do hope your paths cross again, I always believe there is a reason for everything!xxx

  3. kathryningrid

    Having been in similar situations a couple of times, I can only say that I am absolutely certain that encounter has stayed with Quintin as much as with you, and that it gave him sustenance as much as any magical hummingbirds can do. I, too, hope that his life took a significant upturn thereafter and remains lovely now. My life is richer for having heard his/your story and seen the sweet and compassionate portrait that resulted.

  4. philipparees

    Georgous freedom in your paintings, the portrait of Quintin breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks for visiting my court case, just commencing. Stop by to hear the cross examination- due to commence shortly!


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