A touch of spring and summer to come….

In London we are experiencing beautiful weather, but I know that my friends in the States, especially those on the East Coast and Mid West are having a severe winter!

Will be talking with my daughter, via Skype today who lives in Cambridge Boston, to see how many feet of snow she has outside her window.   Fortunately for her she works most of the time home.

A rapid watercolour made in a lovely English garden last summer…


And of course a Magical Hummingbird.


A Bientôt

8 thoughts on “A touch of spring and summer to come….

    1. janet weight reed

      Good morning, Dina…Christie, my daughter likes the snow, but as she said, enough is enough:) The piles of snow are so high that it will take until May for it to melt….and there’s no where to put it all – and so we should be very grateful for our more moderate weather:) Have a beautiful day. xxx

  1. olganm

    Gorgeous and I’m sure will cheer people up. And maybe your magical hummingbirds can do something about the snow. Cambridge near Boston is gorgeous but snow makes life much harder when it insists on staying on…Love to your daughter and hope weather gets better there soon. Nice to see it’s good in London

    1. janet weight reed

      Good morning, Olga….snow is wonderful if you don’t have to get around in it….fortunately my daughter works a great deal from home, but even Christie said – it’s bad this year! Have a wonderful weekend. x


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