Tapestries in Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace

I mentioned yesterday that I live close to Hampton Court Palace.    Every now and then I like to go into the Palace during a quiet period to observe the beauty of it all, especially King Henry VIII’s collection of tapestries.

The tapestries in the Great Hall are stunning, and I can only imagine what they must have been like when first commissioned by King Henry VIII in the early 16th century – full of vibrant colour.

The Great Hall with tapestries. 


Woven in Brussels around 1540 by Wilhelm Pannemaker to the design of Bernard van Orley, and made of the finest threads including gold and silver, each tapestry is estimated to have cost Henry VIII as much money as a fitted and staffed battleship. 

The tapestries tell the story of The History of Abraham, and are one of the finest sets of their style and kind in existence.

Here are some details from each hanging.  






As a side note, the BBC has been showing a wonderful series, ‘Wolf Hall’  – most of which has has been filmed at Hampton Court Palace….definitely worth watching.

A bientôt

11 thoughts on “Tapestries in Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace

  1. olganm

    They do look gorgeous. I’m sure they take good care of them as light affect the colours badly. I’ll have to add Wolf Hall to my viewing list for when I’m back. Have a lovely weekend Janet!

  2. rupertrabbit

    Lovely- I recall being surprise d by the priest at Abergavenny catholic church having in his study medieval vestments amazing embroidery with Gold and silver threads -just hanging in a cupboard


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