Playing with watercolour

A new BBC campaign has begun entitled ‘Get Creative’.  

This is clearly not a new idea….however, in today’s world where just about everyone is plugged into one form of technology or another, and consequently attention spans fragmented and shortened, maybe it’s a good time to be reminded of the incredible benefits that the creative process in all its many forms brings to our lives.


Of all the mediums available to play and experiment with, I have found watercolour painting to be the most soothing.


Watercolours are easy to carry around.      All that is needed is paper, paint, a couple of brushes and water.


Set up a small table, and PLAY – see what happens.     Don’t worry about being right or wrong…just PLAY.


Wishing one and all a magical hummingbird Monday and week ahead.


A bientôt.

15 thoughts on “Playing with watercolour

  1. Peter Wells aka Countingducks

    The things is you “play” so very well with water-colours. Too often we are placed in a position where we feel we must say about someone’s creative efforts, “Very good” or something of that kind, without being either moved or inspired by what we see and hear, but when I look at your work, and now I’m thinking of the flying bird I don’t say “Very good” I say “Wow” which is what people feel when a sense of the human spirit being freed in expression brings you. You have that gift.

  2. snowbird

    I second Peter, yes you have a gift, an enormous gift! I loved the seed pods here and that gorgeous hummer, how true as well, watercolours are the best! Always!xxx

    1. janet weight reed

      Good morning, Shimon. Another friend, a poet from the philippines just said the same thing….
      Thinking of you in cold, snowy weather…and hoping that you and Nechame are staying in and keeping warm. Janet. xx

  3. Mary

    What a special post, really enjoyed it. I’ve only used watercolors for some of my underpaintings, but the more I see of the medium and what can be achieved I know one day I’ll be trying. Have a wonderful weekend Janet.


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