Phoebe Friday

Every now and then on a Friday I go and visit Phoebe the Jack Russell, Henrietta the budgerigar and their owner Josie, – keeper of many clocks…none of which tell the correct time.    Always an enjoyable outing. 10626134_10152668477555396_8591676068519698226_o Then after I return home, Fudge the Cat’s Mother is coming to visit….A lovely way to spend a Friday. I am sure much tea will be enjoyed, and the hummingbirds will be weaving their magic. 10467010_10152531142760396_8515892049149792246_o

Have a lovely weekend…

A Bientôt

16 thoughts on “Phoebe Friday

  1. olganm

    Phoebe could be the dog in my book…She’s looking gorgeous. Now I know how I’ll imagine it (if I get to write another book on the series…). Have a magical weekend, Janet!

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Hi Dina…yes Josie is a one off….an old time eccentric. Sadly they don’t seem to make people like that anymore, and she is an animal lover and supporter, extraordinaire:) She has known me since I was born.
      Have a lovely weekend. xxx


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