life drawing/paiinting

In an ideal world, I would work with a life model for an hour or two at the beginning of each working day.

rapid watercour sketch.  


I was most fortunate to go to art school at a time when it was recognised that daily life drawing is the best foundation an artist can receive

Rapid watercolour. 


Life drawing teaches us how to see…..and how to draw what we see.


I favour fast poses otherwise I find that my images can become too laboured    My goal is to capture the essence and gesture of my subject as succinctly as possible.

twenty minute watercolour of Scarlett – a superb model


In this instance, having sketched the model, I throw juicy paint into the negative space surrounding the subject.    All the white you see is – dry white paper. 


A Bientôt

21 thoughts on “life drawing/paiinting

  1. Anne Theodore

    Lovely, and I agree about working from life. When I was in art school, instructors alternated between male and female models weekly. There is a kind of energy/synergy when drawing or painting from life that I’ve never really been able to achieve in any other way.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you Anne, for your comment. Yes, there is a definitely energy that happens when working from life, and like you I have always used both male and female models, sometimes together which is really lovely. Janet:)


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