37 thoughts on “Hummingbirds for the weekend…

  1. mandy smith

    Janet, I never tire of your beautiful art. I’ve always wanted to ask, but think I should know (for some reason): Is there any significant reason to hummingbirds being a central theme in so much of your work? I love them so much and it amazes me how many new ways you find to share their beauty!

    1. janet weight reed

      Good morning, Mandy.
      I have been using the hummingbird as symbolic imagery in my work for about 35 years. They symbolise to me the ‘unseen magic’ in our world.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Janet:)

  2. kathryningrid

    It’s been a wildly busy but magical weekend here, so clearly your hummingbirds have been paying us a sweet visit. Friends staying with us from Friday on, to sing and play solos and choral/orchestral parts in the St. Matthew Passion this afternoon. Friday night Baroque chamber concert with lots of our student friends and a couple of colleagues playing/singing. Saturday afternoon, a splendid recital by the new tenor voice faculty member who lived with us while settling in here last Fall. Saturday dinner with a visiting former doctoral student, then late chatting with the houseguests. Today’s extravaganza, of course: the full length version of the Passion, followed by a huge house party for the retiring conductor, a good friend and colleague here. Tomorrow, our two houseguests will fly off home to Cleveland and Lycoming (PA). R will be back at school for the day while I get some cooking and cleaning done so that we can have a fun dinner with a houseful of other friends and colleagues while one’s visiting from Germany.

    The hummingbirds were very kind to us this weekend! I hope yours have been diligently tending to your happiness, too! 😀

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. janet weight reed

      Good morning Kathryn,
      Oh my you have had an amazingly busy and fruitful weekend, and clearly filled with magical hummingbirds:)
      I hope you continue to have a wonderful time with your guests from Germany –
      It doesn’t get much better than being with like minded people, enjoying magnificent music and good conversation…..Janet.xxx


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