Recycling old paintings….Lily turns into a Kent landscape.

I am re blogging this post because it’s a reminder of one way to recycle sketches/paintings.     

Anyone following my blog will know that I believe warming up before a day’s painting is key.    Like athletes and dancers, painters need to stretch.

Here is an example of recycling an old image by simply painting over the top of it.   I will be using designer gouache because of it’s opaque coverage. 

Kent landscape


The old painting, of a lily will be used in the same way as I would use a colour ground.   

I turned the lily image upside down to use as my ground.


I start by using Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache – permanent white to block out the background and to form a base for the sky.


Slowly I add more colour to the mix, and although the old painting has been dry for a long time, I  still pick up some of the original colour  – which will add to the finished effect.


After indicating the foreground…..(note that some of the colours in the sky are reflecting onto the land), I strengthen the contrasts around the painting.

It is always important to remember that everything in life is interconnected, and so when working on any element of a painting, it’s vital to keep the whole image within the mind’s eye. 


Finally adding the detail of trees on the horizon line.


Another way to recycle old paintings, is to cut them up.   Within each section I often find something new and interesting.

A Bientôt

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