The Hummingbirds are coming….

Today and tomorrow will be hummingbird days……Some of my friends in the southern states of America are beginning to put their feeders out.


I was asked recently what the significance of hummingbirds are to me.

Ever since the first time I saw one in the mountains of North Carolina in 1968 – they have represented the unseen magic of our world.


It’s as if they are there but not there……Beautiful, intricate flying jewels they remind me of the hidden depths of Mother Nature.


To observe a hummingbird displaying its gymnastic prowess is like nothing else.


A Bientôt

14 thoughts on “The Hummingbirds are coming….

  1. Mary

    I am so drawn to your paintings – love these three. While vibrant, they possess a delicate nature about them. Wonderful color themes.

  2. snowbird

    Stunning Janet….I could almost touch them. How lovely that you saw them in America, I’ve never seen one, so thank goodness for your


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