An historic boat race.

Since 1829, the Oxford/Cambridge boat race on the River Thames between Putney and Mortlake has been a major annual event in the British sporting calendar.

Watercolour/gouache rapid sketch I made of a crew rowing on the River Thames close to where I live. 


This year was the first year that two crews of women from Oxford and Cambridge competed on the same stretch of river on the same day…..An historic boat race, indeed….and long overdue. 

This year, the Blues (Oxford) won…both men and women:)

A Bientôt.

11 thoughts on “An historic boat race.

  1. Gill McGrath

    Lovely to see you were there and your beautiful sketch of the race.and the blustery weather over the busy water. Saw it on the television between Murray’s wedding and the Grand National! Hope you weren’t too cold riverside XXxx.


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