watercolour exercise – Olhao, Portugal

David, (AKA Bazil) owns a restaurant and wine bar, 7 Imeio Wine Bar, just a few minutes walk from the Art School in Alhao.    I used a photograph of the restaurant (thank you Jude) as a jumping off point for this sketch.     http://www.artinthealgarve.com


Initially I made a rapid sketch using brush and yellow ochre….quickly indicating the darkest areas in the image.


In this frame, I add the shadow play on the front of the buildings…always making sure to move colours around.   this brings a sense of balance and cohesiveness to the overall image.


Allowing the brush to dance around the image, I add more detail….

It’s important to note that less is always better than more when capturing an image such as this,   It allows the viewer’s eye and imagination to fill in the gaps.…..By adding too much detail, spontaneity, the key element of watercolour is lost.


Magical Hummingbird – drinking from the sweet nectar of life. 


A Bientôt

21 thoughts on “watercolour exercise – Olhao, Portugal

  1. teagan geneviene

    What a lovely, picturesque setting. And Janet your work is superb as always. Thanks so much for showing the stages of that painting, and explaining with commentary. I think my biggest problem was that i tried to add too much detail. This hummingbird is your most beautiful yet. 😀 Hugs.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning, Teagan….thanks for this comment, and I believe that trying to add too much detail is a common issue. I always stress when teaching that photographs should only be a ‘jumping off’ point….not to be copied. I hope you enjoy a lovely Memorial Day weekend. Janet. xx

  2. jude fleming

    nice one janet, thanks for sharing and only a pleasure to send you images
    ps I want to press the like button for all your posts

  3. Mary

    Love this post Janet – your amazing works have me in Olhao enjoying this beautiful structure. Wonderful light and shadows, mix of colors – I could study your paintings all day.


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