watercolour exercise – bringing movement and energy into paintings.

This rapid watercolour was inspired by a friend’s cottage garden in Wiltshire.    


The following water-colour exercise is about capturing moment and an impression of the garden. To do this, I need to work very quickly – always allowing my brush to dance across the paper.

For demonstration purposes, I begin with a large sheet of white watercolour paper, and then add a mix of burnt sienna/prussian blue andy gold green to the bottom of the painting….

While the paint is wet, I use a knife to scrape out some of the colour…which gives a sense of energy. 


I then indicate the sky, and am very clear to leave dry white paper in the middle of the composition.

Note that I always move colour around the image to establish a sense of harmony and rhythm.


I then add colour into the dry area….allowing some of the dry white paper to show through.  this is what gives a watercolour its sparkle.

Note that colours are always moved around the painting,


In the final image, I use a little gold green mixed with permanent white gouache to indicate plant stems….again note, that I still leave some dry white paper. 


A Bientôt

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