Olhao Portugal – vignettes. http://www.artinthealgarve.com

There is much to observe in the old town of Olhao, Portugal – a wonderful place for photographers and painters alike.

I was drawn to the texture and warmth of this crumbling wall and the sweet little flowers.


I enjoy looking into doorways….they are an entrance to the imagination.


These colours  make my heart sing…..and this particular building, very close to the Art School, is an excellent landmark..


More delicious colour.


Looking through studio door – art school, Olhao


So many different shapes and angles….offset by the softness of bougainvillea.


I will be taking many more photographs over the next few days.

A Bientôt

11 thoughts on “Olhao Portugal – vignettes. http://www.artinthealgarve.com

  1. teagan geneviene

    Sometimes (for my imagination) small details (like the lovely texture & color of that wall) expand to huge proportions, making a mural in my mind. Another gorgeous post, Janet. Hugs. 🙂

  2. Jet Eliot

    I really enjoyed each of these photos, Janet — the colors, angles, and content. The first one with the big crumbling wall and little flowers is really lovely, and I also really liked the studio entrance because of the light, as well as the last one with the cascading bougainvillea and the pink and blue. Easy and relaxing post to ponder. 🙂


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