Magical Hummingbirds with quotes for the week ahead….

I am off to Olhao Portugal today – back next week.

Meanwhile, some magical hummingbird watercolours for the week ahead.

As flying jewels, hummingbirds drink from the sweet nectar of life


Like the unseen magic they symbolise for me, their world is filled with depth and beauty. 


Ancient peoples believed that hummingbirds were messengers between the worlds, symbolising eternity, continuity and infinity. 


To observe the flight of the hummingbird is a wonder to behold. 


“If my love could be represented by a blur, it would be the beating of a hummingbird’s wings” – Jarod Kintz.


As is the norm for me, when I go away to paint I put aside all technology…I will  be back next week hopefully with many new  photographs and watercolours. 

A Bientôt

20 thoughts on “Magical Hummingbirds with quotes for the week ahead….

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning, Connie – Just returned from Portugal and so am catching up with e mails, etc. Thank you so much for your lovely comment…and for visiting my blog.

  1. snowbird

    Oh…glorious hummingbirds! You have a fantastic time, I shall look forward to hearing all about it, and seeing more beautiful paintings. You are an inspiration!xxx

  2. ShimonZ

    What wonderful watercolors, Janet. This is one of those posts that make ME feel like the hummingbird, hovering next to those images… and sucking the sublime from your carefree colors…


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