Twilight colours over the hills of Loule Portgal –

On the Saturday evening, Jude and I met up with Galina, a Russian woman who has made a home in Olaho for several years.

Galina introduced us to Swedish sisters – writer and actress, along with their son, and so in a convoy of two – we left Olhao heading towards a place named Loule where  Galina had been invited to another home where we would have a drink and then move onto the music festival, an annual event in the town of Loule.

Followed by the Swedish contingent, Australian Jude (who had never driven in Europe before took control of Galina’s car.)       Jude did an amazing job, evident by the fact that we were all still alive at the end of the evening:)

By the time we arrived at the next stop, it must have been around 10 pm and the light over the hills was magnificent.     After the heat of the day, the afterglow of the dipping sun presented a beautiful warm orange above the horizon line giving the foreground a multitude of rich colours.

Like taking a large gulp of water, I took in as much information as possible in a relatively short time….and came up with this rapid watercolour.


Loule is clearly a lovely town, and made me realise that i need to explore much more of Portugal.

P1160663   The music festival was well organised  – an excellent event.

Galina at the music festival…


Tomorrow  back to Olhao

A Bientôt

17 thoughts on “Twilight colours over the hills of Loule Portgal –

  1. jpennerzook

    I literally caught my breath at the first glimpse of the light over the hills rapid watercolor! So beautiful! What a splendid evening you must all have had!

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning and thank you so much for nominating me….Given my time constraints, I will need to read before accepting, and then will get back to you, but really appreciate the compliment. Have a wonderful weekend. Janet.


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