Overseas exchange programmes a Art School, in Olhao, Portugal – http://www.artinthealgarve.com

I mentioned earlier that Jude Fleming, http://www.judefleming.com who hails form Australia, is in the middle of a six month artist in residence programme at the Art School in Olhao. 

Also that Diane Olivier  http://www.dianeolivier.com brought a group from San Francisco in June and will return next July.

Olhao – Portugal – 

P1110846 David Clark, who owns the school, is keen on encouraging groups from the United States and Australia to come to Olhao,  and at the same time set up corresponding courses in the States and Australia catering to artists of those countries, as well as Europeans.

A different aspect of the 150 year old olive tree that meanders up through the levels of the School. 


There is no question that the Art School is one of the better venues of its kind that I have come across and other tutors who I have spoken with concur.

With it’s central location, internal courtyards and excellent working studio space….and now the connecting door between the School House and the Pool House…..people are able to enjoy group activities, and at the same time always find places to be alone.

The working studio


David has nurtured a dedicated team who take care of all the housekeeping – including of course the fantastic meals that Margarida provides with endless good spirits.

The dining room and sitting area.     The excellent kitchen facility is adjacent to the dining room and everyone is  encouraged to help themselves to drinks and snacks throughout.    It is a very relaxed atmosphere.

ImageWith eighteen en suite room between the School House and Pool House, a sense of community and privacy is always on hand. 

The storks of Olhao. 


The colourful market on Saturdays is minutes from the School, as are the permanent fish and vegetable markets which are open all week. 


This week, I have written about the Island of Armona – just a 15 minute boat taxi from Olhao providing beaches and a totally different flavour from Olhao.     There are other Islands…Culatra is one that I have visited, and again enjoyed immensely.

A house on the Island of Culatra. 


And so along with the Moorish influenced architecture of Olhao and all the other amenities mentioned, the Art School offers great opportunities for artists of all levels to hone their skills and at the same time enjoy a very special place.

A Biento

17 thoughts on “Overseas exchange programmes a Art School, in Olhao, Portugal – http://www.artinthealgarve.com

  1. Jet Eliot

    I enjoy every post you present about this delightful art school, Janet. Sounds like a wonderful place filled with terrific opportunities. Your photos here are especially vivid and vibrant. Truly lovely.

  2. jpennerzook

    Such wonderful photos––what a beautiful location. Seems this place has the perfect blend of solitude and community––exactly what is needed for inspiration and creation. Thank you, Janet!

  3. ShimonZ

    Love the photos. And your series on the school has us really inside. I feel as if the school is a central station reaching out to artists everywhere with a great big smile. What a nice way to start out my day. xxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning, Shimon and thank you for this…I do agree…the school is taking on a truly international flavour which is always positive. Have a lovely weekend. Janet. xx


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