Collages inspired by Armona Island – from artist Jude Fleming.

As mentioned earlier, today I am featuring the work of artist in residence at the art school in Olhao, Jude Fleming.

Like me, Jude is a lover of the natural world and of course animals…..


Jude lives and works in the great Australian outback, and her love of country and the wide open spaces comes through loud and clear in her work and life.

She teaches at the Westwing Studio in Warren, NSW Australia and will be tutoring a course at the Art School in Olhao next month.

Having spent time with Jude I can see that her creative expression has no beginning or ending – it flows through her.

Jude produced the following four collages based on the Island of Armona.     Her work shows the importance and benefit of being immersed into a different environment and culture and how  new experiences open up a fresh creative flow….vital and beneficial for any artist. 

Large, vibrant collages mounted onto heavy watercolour paper.   They are alive. 





I will be returning to the School on September 16th for a few days and look forward to seeing much more of Jude’s work.

To learn more about Jude and her work, go to

Meanwhile, I wish one and all a lovely weekend….

A bientôt

23 thoughts on “Collages inspired by Armona Island – from artist Jude Fleming.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Hi dear Vera….they are lovely pieces…filled with colour – another sister in art:) Thinking of you creating beautiful work and enjoying the fruits of summer. Janet. xx

  1. teagan geneviene

    I love color. Period. I don’t even feel well when there isn’t enough color around me. So I really enjoyed looking at Jude’s work. Thanks so much for sharing it. The photo of her and the dog is lovely — it captures personality in both of them. Hummingbird hugs. 🙂


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