sketch book from Mas Cabardes – in La Montagne Noir – France

I was first introduced to Mas Cabardes which sits high up in La Montagne Noir – a mountain range to the west of Carcassonne in central southern France by my friend Anne Kerleo and have filled quite a few sketch books from that area.

This mountain range is considered to be very mystical with a fascinating history surrounding the Cathars who first appeared in Europe during the 11th century.    It is an area well worth exploring…..full of beautiful surprises. 

Here are a some of the people and cats from Mas Cabardes.

Sophie – felt tip pen and watercolour. 


Jack – watercolour – note the spine of what is quite a small sketch book. 

– P1160826

There are many feral and more domesticated cats in Mas Cabardes…watercolour




felt tip pen with watercolour 


felt tip pen and watercolour


Along with chickens and cockerels

felt tip pen and watercolour.


Another sketch book tomorrow.

A Bientôt

13 thoughts on “sketch book from Mas Cabardes – in La Montagne Noir – France

  1. Jet Eliot

    I am in awe of your painting skills, Janet. It’s great to see the sketch pad exercises, each one with a very different subject, but your style always remains wonderfully stable. 🙂


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