Rapid portrait studies of people listening in an Adlerian Summer School workshop.

A few years ago, I attended an Aderian Summer School,  which I found to be very interesting.

Each day was broken up into different workshops….I would often sit very quietly and sketch the participants – which interestingly gave me a better understanding of what was actually being said.

This man was a real character….with a thick Irish brogue.   Initially I found him a little difficult to understand, but once I tuned into the rhythm of his voice, I found him to be very interesting.

Ball point pen with watercolour wash.


Duncan listening to the leader of the group talk about his painting of a rose.

Ball point pen, felt tip pen and watercolour


Leader – ball point pen and watercolour


Woman Listening – watercolour


A Bientôt

23 thoughts on “Rapid portrait studies of people listening in an Adlerian Summer School workshop.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      I would l like to think that we meet in person one day – either in Greece, London or Portugal, when I would love to paint your portrait….gratis. However, although I don’t usually work from photographs….who knows?:) janet. x

  1. Peter Wells aka Countingducks

    It is always amazing to me that you manage to get so much of the character and soul of a person with so few brush strokes. The first portrait is a great example of this and his expression and the personality you manage to express are frankly astonishing

  2. Mary

    Fascinating and what a great exercise – amazing to see the many different expressions hearing the same thing, but taking it all in – in their own way. Your talent is amazing and fabulous to learn from! Have a wonderful weekend Janet!

  3. Gill McGrath

    dear Janet, you have a wonderful gift of adding something more to the description of line and mark making which makes the eye dance over everything in the frame…. always adding another magic layer that floats off your brush …..this time I can hear the man talking and can see the light of fascination he holds in the eyes of the lovely lady in the last. Truly wonderful stuff. xx


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