Making marks with my new watercolour brush…

A reblog for Monday morning……and good exercise. Janet.

My Life as an Artist (2)

When painting in Olhao Portugal this past April – – one of the group introduced me to a new water-colour brush.    I loved it, and have now purchased my own.

Da Vinci Watercolour Brush – Spin Synthetics Series 488 – Size 8 – I purchased through Amazon. 

The best way to understand a new brush is to play with it…..For this purpose I used a lily as my jumping off point.  

However, you can make just simple marks ….PLAYING is key.

Note that all the white in the image is dry white paper. 


The brush holds a lot of water and moves easily from fine to broad brush strokes.    I highly recommend.

A Bientôt

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4 thoughts on “Making marks with my new watercolour brush…

  1. Peter Wells aka Countingducks

    What the brush can do in your hands, and what it might do in mine are remarkably different I fear, but, as always, I love the subtlety of colour you are able to generate, and the luminosity of the work, which I suspect is more to do with the artist than her equipment !


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