The spiritual element of creativity

In the last of this series about the joy and benefits of figure/life drawing – this post touches on the spiritual element of painting.

About twenty five years ago I attended an exhibition of Titian’s work at the National Gallery, Washing DC.   At that time it was the largest collection of the great master’s work brought together in one place.

It was an awe inspiring exhibition….room after room of the most sublime works.   A body of work which for me represented the spiritual dimension of the human experience.   There was sense of the divine and sacred.

On a more mundane note….a spiritual dimension can be experienced even when we mere mortals are immersed into the creative process.

Rapid watercolour


When an artist, using any medium, gets into the rhythm and flow of their work, allowing an intense connection with their subject,  sometimes that tips over into something else – which is profound.

This applies to all forms of creativity – including those moments when we commune with nature.   Moments when we experience with great awe and wonder the divine force of the natural world. 

Painting models in a life group is the perfect environment in which to enter that flow….and every now and then this evolves into a sense of transcendental meditation.  

Rapid Watercolour 




watercolour and felt tip pen

P1160926Portrait of Scarlett


Even if you have never painted before….take a leap and join a group which welcomes all levels of ability.    It could change your life on many levels.

I hope everyone enjoys a beautiful and creative weekend.

A Bientôt

28 thoughts on “The spiritual element of creativity

  1. Suzanne

    Beautifully put and very inspiring. Thankyou. Your paintings are quite wonderful. I love the last one – so expressive.

  2. First Night Design

    I agree. I thought such a spiritual dimension could only happen when I was acting or writing until I started creating art and it was that much more powerful. Happy Weekend, dear Janet, and keep laughing. 🙂

  3. Jet Eliot

    Wonderful paintings and advice, Janet — and I appreciate your spiritual inspiration. I found the final painting espec. lovely. Have a great weekend!

  4. Mary

    You know I’m totally with you on this Janet – there is that “endorphin rush” effect when I paint (not always) that is an incredible connection to the subject. I love this series of woman paintings view from the back of their heads – different and yet there is a profound appeal from the colors used to the loose effect of your paint strokes.

  5. teagan geneviene

    What a gorgeous finale! I also loved the first one. It’s such a unique angle — very little of the face showing, but you still captured the “person” so very well. Mega hugs. 🙂

  6. snowbird

    Oh Janet, that first painting is utterly stunning, I can’t believe it’s rapid!I love all the others of course, but the first grabbed me!
    I totally get your thoughts on the profound,and how it’s possible to lose yourself and drift into another type of awareness altogether….xxx


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