Full blown colour at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Yesterday, I went to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – the oldest open art competition in the world.

As always, the show offers the heady concoction of amateur works alongside strictly professional work, giving the exhibition its unique quality.

However, this year, everything has changed….COLOUR abounds, and there is space and light.     You can actually see the work.       Each gallery is hung beautifully and very differently from past years….Hooray.


Upon entering the Annenberg Courtyard there is  ‘The Dappled Light of Sun’ by Conrad Shawcross, RA.     Fortunately the sun was shining, offering beautiful shadow play.


Having entered the building….colour is immediately apparent in the staircase leading up to the galleries….This installation of coloured vinyl tape, entitled ZOBOP – is by Jim Lambie.

I took this photograph from the top of stairs looking down to the main entrance.


From the first gallery, the colour and overall change becomes apparent.     In my photograph you can’t see the vivid pink of the gallery walls beyond….Exciting stuff.


I poached this image from the net, which shows the real pink…

Gallery III of the Summer Exhibition 2015 (c) David Parry, Royal Academy of Arts

Gallery III of the Summer Exhibition 2015 (c) David Parry, Royal Academy of Arts

Obviously there are many works of art worth noting and as always, one would have to go back several times to really ‘see’ the show, however – I had include Grayson Perry RA in this post.

‘Julie and Rob’  Tapestry by Grayson Perry 


And in full colour glory, ‘National Treasure’ and all round great bloke…..Grayson Perry RA…


Here stands Sir Joshua Reynolds, first President of the Royal Academy of Arts (1768)….He has certainly seen some changes……


The Exhibition finishes on the 16th of August, and so for anyone wishing to be bathed in colour – I highly recommend.

A Bientôt

25 thoughts on “Full blown colour at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

  1. Jayanthi

    Yes indeed, Janet – I liked this Exhibition a lot – more than previous years – some super artwork and I spent quite some time in front of Grayson Perry’s work. It was like reading a book – there was so much he was saying! Hope you have a great week. I am still a bit bogged down but hope it will settle in another two weeks 🙂
    Love, Jayanthi.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you, Jayanthi. I watch every documentary that Grayson Perry does…I just love him and his work is so multi dimensional. Wont be long before it all settles down….and you can paint again. Janet. xxx


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