A summer idyll

It must have been about eleven years ago, just before I left Wales to move to London.    I was giving a painting workshop at the Glanusk Estate, which is about two miles from Crickhowell (The Magical Town of Crickadoon).   Situated in the beautiful Usk Valley with the River Usk running through, it was the perfect setting for a summer idyll.    

It was one of those golden days…when everything comes together to form a moment of magic.

I was set up next to the River Usk where children were frolicking between the rocks and trees.    They could have been little water nymphs.

I knew that I had to try and capture that moment and to do so meant working almost instinctively….and of course rapidly.

Rapid watercolour – capturing the essence of a moment in time. 

glen Usk Estate

I hope everyone enjoys a moment of magic this summer.

A Bientôt

18 thoughts on “A summer idyll

  1. Tish Farrell

    You did indeed capture the moment. Had me remembering days in Wales when I mucked about in the River Glaslyn. All that joy that children find in rocks and a river and getting horribly wet.

  2. Peter Wells aka Countingducks

    As always, there is a lovely vibrancy in the painting, and like Tish, this brings back memories of when we used to go on camping holidays in Wales when I was a boy and “mucking around” by the river took up a large part of every day. Lovely memories 🙂


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