Wind Catching ~ The Ancient Art And Science Of Persian Air Conditioning

We can learn so much from this….a good and interesting read. Janet

Tish Farrell


Wind towers – aren’t they  just beautiful? Not only that, they provide low-tech, totally renewable energy solutions to day-time desert heat waves. Within the capped tower is a port that is opened towards the prevailing wind. Some towers are multi-directional, the vents opened and closed as appropriate. Air is drawn into the living quarters below, its movement providing the cooling effect.

When there is no wind, the tower acts as a chimney, venting hot air from the interior. A more sophisticated version involves an underground canal, qanat, in which case the wind tower vent is opened away from the prevailing wind, and the system pulls cooling air up from the canal. You can read more about this if you follow the link.

But it seems to me to be an example of perfect human ingenuity – problem solving with minimal impact on the natural environment, while at the same…

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9 thoughts on “Wind Catching ~ The Ancient Art And Science Of Persian Air Conditioning

  1. Sammy D.

    This is so interesting, Janet. Great post to pass on to your readers. Seems there’d be places in the US that could (are?) using this design technique.

  2. sharmishtha basu

    we need more such ideas, my burdwan home was really cool during summers, in the winter it was a tad chilly but that was fine in mild winter of west Bengal but in summer it was absolutely comfy, no matter how many hours of power cut, we could manage that torment, we did not needed a fan, forget about other fancy equipments.


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