leaving a legacy…..

I will be going to Portugal on Wednesday to the  school in Olhao – http://www.artinthealgarve.com.       It will be a bitter/sweet visit as David Clark, founder of the school recently passed on.

A wonderful character and man of vision, David has left a very special legacy.

When I was with him in June, we had much time to talk….One of the things that David mentioned was his desire to leave the school as a legacy for his family and artists.

Light and shade on steps at David’s house


Having tutored in different venues around the world, I would say that the school in Olhao is one of the best I have encountered.

David took two old buildings in the heart of Olhoa and performed his magic.      I am quite sure that the hummingbirds must have been with him all along:)

Light and shade


It occurred to me as I re-visited these June photographs, that life is full of light and shade, and that my personal experience shows that those who look towards the light and what is possible, seem to leave a trail of positive energy.

This has clearly been the case with David and his work at the school in Alhao.

Light on the steps….


Along with the beautifully planned physical set up of the School.    David put together a superb team – headed by his daughter Camilla, and wonderful Margarida, whose energy seems to be boundless.     Together, they will continue to oversee and grow the School.

Light and shade on a very hot day.


For the next two days, I will re-blog some of my earlier posts about the school    http://www.artinthealgarve.com

Meanwhile, a hummingbird for David.


A Bientôt

22 thoughts on “leaving a legacy…..

  1. JILLE Anne Kohlmeher

    Awww Janet sending Much love !!

  2. jude fleming

    dear Janet am in a dreadful pickle in Morocco and at this stage unable to get back to Portugal. my visa is valid till end of Oct but unbeknown to me there was only one re entry and I have used it and they won’t let me in! am in Rabat and working overtime to find a solution, may not be there for the artists retreat only you and tessa. soooo sorry to be a worry but wanted you to be informed. all love judexx

    jude fleming westwing studio po box 312 32 river ave warren nsw 2824

    tel: +61(0)419 473 075 australia tel: +351 920 197 298 portugal website: http://www.judefleming.com

    jude fleming westwing studio po box 312 32 river ave warren nsw 2824

    tel: +61(0)419 473 075 australia tel: +351 920 197 298 portugal website: http://www.judefleming.com >

  3. thefeatheredsleep

    I was just looking at your page as i saw you pop up on mine. Syncing! !! Sending you so much love for a future of beautiful moments and strong hearts.

  4. ShimonZ

    These pictures are so very impressive. Sorry to hear of your loss. It is so hard at times to separate from our friends… even when we know in part of our minds that it was their time to go. I have visited the web site of the school a number of times, but would like very much to learn more about the man. Is there some site that tells his own individual story?

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      That’s a good question….I will be going to his Memorial serviced on 2nd October and so will probably learn a lot more about him…although I do know he has had a very interesting life and certainly knows how to take old building and develop them into something quite lovely. He was a huge character…and I must say his presence was missed this past weekend….although I do believe he was with us:) xx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Oh my goodness – are you really going to the School in Portugal….how wonderful is that, but how awful that I will miss you:) Who is your tutor…myabe Jude form Australia??? Can’t wait to hear all about it. Janet xxx


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