mental space from all the madness………

The world is in a state of great upheaval and in my mind, madness, all of which I believe stems from greed and fear.

As I observe the mass movement of people from around the world, I recognise more and more how important the basic and simple elements of life are.      Shelter, clothing, food, community.

The question is, how do we deal with the very real stress and horror that we are constantly bombarded with?

Something I often do is imagine myself as a bird flying above it all.       This simple exercise helps.   It doesn’t change anything but it does give me a deeper understanding of how small we really are…….and in those moments of wonder and peace comes a feeling of hope.


A Bientôt


30 thoughts on “mental space from all the madness………

  1. teagan geneviene

    I love the quote, Janet. Yes… “If only (I) had sense enough…”
    I especially like the first one. The combination of colors, not to mention beautiful artistry, makes it almost vibrate up off the page. Mega hugs!

  2. Carol Balawyder

    Exceptionally beautiful hummingbirds, Janet. Oh, I love the quote from the Secret Garden and no doubt your father reading it to you had an important influence on the magic of your work. 🙂 .

  3. Connie Gildersleeve

    A flash of movement…
    It glitters half-guessed,
    Half seen, half imagined;
    From flower to flower
    A fairy-like loveliness,
    With such brave wings
    A hummingbird flies.

    Thank you Janet for sharing the quote and your magical hummingbird water colors. Much appreciated.

  4. lorieb

    I love your watercolors, especially the hummingbird and florals, have been looking for something for my living room wall, wish I could find something like that here


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