Overview of my recent trip to Olhoa, Porutgal – http://www.artinthealgarve.com

This is an overview of my recent trip to the art school in Olhoa, Portugal – http://www.artinthealgarve.com.     It was an extremely interesting time, emphasising once again how small our world is and how interconnected we are.

Those following my blog will know that, David Clark, founder of the school recently died, and so it was comforting to find the School filled with his spirit.     As Margarida said…’he is still here with us’.

Margarida, and David’s two daughters along with the rest of the team will continue to grow the school – so that David’s legacy lives on.

I took this picture of Margarida…looking down from one of the upper levels.   A beautiful Frida Kahlo look alike🙂


More exciting news is the arrival of Joanna’s twins – a beautiful little boy and girl.     Joanna will  be back working in the school at the start of next year’s art sessions…..

The two little angels in their pram outside the school…….


Joanna looking very well….and is clearly enjoying her new role as a Mother.


I will be featuring the inspirational artists and fellow tutors I met on this trip in separate blogs during the coming week. 

First, Tessa Pearson.     Tessa in her studio making one of her glorious prints. 


Although Tessa and I knew of one another’s work, this was the first time we met in person.   I had no idea that up until recently Tessa and her family lived just down the road from me, close to Hampton Court Palace.   She is also Chair of The Fountain Gallery, which is on Bridge Street, in Hampton Court.    A small world indeed.

Tessa’s husband Michael, another fascinating artist (they met at the Royal College) also joined us, contributing to much stimulating conversation.

Then artists Peter Griffen and Denise Lithgow arrived.     Two wonderful Australian artists.   Peter, a dynamic painter, and Denise an amazing Textile artist…..Again I will feature them in separate blogs.

I took this picture of Denise and Peter while waiting for the boat to beautiful Armona Island. 


More interconnections.      The day before I flew to Portugal, I received an e mail from Jude Flemming, saying that she was, (and this could be the title of a book:)  Marooned in Marocco……

Jude Flemming now safely back home in Australia…..


Jude was artist in residence at the Olhao school for the past six months – (I wrote a blog about jude and her new collages in July).

She took a side trip to Morocco thinking that she would be back in plenty of time for her last week at the school, however, her visa would not allow re-entry into Portugal!       Long story short, Jude stayed in my flat in London until her flight back to Oz….and was of course dearly missed…..The best laid plans of mice and men.

Jude is friends with Peter Griffen and Denise Lithgow and they all knew David.

Then one more lovely interconnection.   Before I left I suggested that Jude visit the Boathouse Studio in Hampton and meet up with artist, Kevin Chapman, originally from New Zealand….and wouldn’t you know they had friends in common…..and so it goes.

Tomorrow’s blog will feature Tessa Pearson.

A Bientôt

17 thoughts on “Overview of my recent trip to Olhoa, Porutgal – http://www.artinthealgarve.com

  1. teagan geneviene

    What a delightful Monday pre-work break Janet. I enjoyed all the photos, but the picture of Margarida was especially fun — you caught a lot of personality in it. …And “marooned in Morocco” LOL that was a hoot. Glad Jude is safely home. I’m always entertained and fascinated by the small world thing. Can’t wait to hear more about your latest time there. Mega hugs!

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Margarida is filled with personality – an amazing young woman and yes, I have just said to Jude in a comment, that a book or short story entitled ‘Marooned in Marocco’ is a must:) I believe that there are certain people in our lives that are ‘conduits’ -through them we seem to connect with all sorts of others….and that is the definitely the case with David Clark, founder of the school….. Mega hugs to you my friend, xx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Denise….I have been thinking about you working at the school and look forward to seeing the results. It was great to meet you and Peter, and will be featuring you both in blogs tomorrow and Thursday…..Hope to meet up with you on your return to London…Janet:)

  2. Jet Eliot

    I enjoyed learning about your artist friends and how fun it must have been for your to learn that Tessa’s family is so close to your home. I will enjoy seeing more of their work, and I am so glad you enjoyed your trip. Beautiful, loving photos here. 🙂

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you – Yes, I have returned from this trip really inspired…..which is all about being around like minded people and other dynamic artists….great stuff:) Enjoy the day..janet.

  3. Jude

    dear Janet it is hard to believe it is a week since I left the UK! I rested fully en route and since my return have nursed a cold, probably caught on a flight and today I feel some spring back in my step and am looking up and functioning again! am so appreciative of all you have done for me and I thank you so much, also for those magical hummingbirds which now feature in my Iife, too. there is still 5 months of man dust over most of the house and end of the month bills to sort, but the return is looking good. it has also been cool, cold here and I have enjoyed the brisk walks with the dog, Miss Pipi and getting reacquainted with the neighbourhood. I have been gone so long even finding stuff in drawers and cupboards has been a voyage of discovery…! have a couple more artist in residence roles to fulfil in the near future and am looking forward to getting back to work. will keep in touch always judex

    jude fleming westwing studio po box 312 32 river ave warren nsw 2824 australia

    tel: +61(0)419 473 075 australia website: http://www.judefleming.com


    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Great to hear from you and I love the ‘man dust’ comment:) Miss Pipi and Murr must be so pleased to see you and yes whenever I have been away for extended periods of time, there is always a re-ajustment or a re-entry as the astronauts would say. I really believe that there is a book waiting to be told – entitled ‘ Marooned in Marocco’ – even a short story….and yes we will most definitely keep in touch through cyber space and hopefully in person in the not too distant future…..It will be very interesting to see what you create in the next months after your residency in Portugal….Sending love and magical hummingbirds….Janet. xx

  4. olganm

    So good to hear the place will continue to run and inspire others. Great photos and lovely and creative people. Looking forward to hearing more about them.

  5. davidjrogersftw

    Janet, what a lovely record of a beautiful trip, and cute babies. What strikes me is that here in the U.S. you can travel almost 3,000 miles and still be here in the U.S. But you, there in Europe, can just pop over to Portugal, Spain, France, wherever, Thanks for the post and for introducing your friends.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning and thank you so much for this comment. Having lived and worked in the States for 28 years where I loved the amazing geographical changes that were available to me within one huge country, yes, it is very special to be in Europe, were where such different cultures are so easily available to us… quite like moving from State to State….we do move from country to country…and long may it last. I am in fact off to Paris on the 19th for a week of painting and seeing good friends…just a hop, skip and a jump away via the EuroStar…Enjoy your day….


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