About artist/tutor Tessa Pearson

It’s always lovely to be with like-minded people, and that was definitely the case during my recent visit to the art school in Olhao – http://www.artinthealgarve.com

Following on from yesterday, today’s blog features artist, Tessa Pearson.      Although familiar with one another’s work, and aware that we both tutored at Art in the Algarve – we had never met in person.

I immediately connected with Tessa, who had just given a one week course at the school.    I was surprised to find that up until recently, Tessa and her family lived very close to where I live in Hampton…..and that Tessa is Chair of The Fountain Gallery on Bridge Street in Hampton Court….small world.


Something else we have in common is our love of colour, which shows so beautifully in the vibrant watercolours and monoprints that Tessa is currently working on.

A rhythmic and vibrant example of Tessa’s work.


Tessa studied printed textile design at UCA Farnham and the Royal College of Art, where she won the Courtauld’s Prize and was commissioned by Liberty of London to produce a collection of silks.      As Tessa Lambrert, she opened her own print studio and gallery in London selling her distinctive hand painted silks around the world.

Since 2000, Tessa has focused on watercolour, mixed media and printmaking inspired by natural themes.


Three years ago, Tessa and her artist husband, Michael (they met at the Royal College of Art) moved to the Surrey Hills where Michael built two separate studios on their property…..and it is there that Tessa is now producing her beautiful work.

You can view Tessa making one of her woodblock mono prints on youtube –  A Guide to Woodblock Monoprints with Tessa Pearson        http://www.artplayer.tv/video/1221/a-guide-to-woodblock-monoprints-with-tessa-pearson

Tessa is actively involved with Contemporary Art & Ochre Print Studios, and exhibits widely at art fairs and galleries in the UK.

website at http://www.tessapearson.com

I plan to write another post about The Fountain Gallery, on Bridge Road, Hampton Court.     The Gallery is run by professional artists and features an exciting and diverse exhibition programme.

Tessa at work in her studio.     


A Bientôt

10 thoughts on “About artist/tutor Tessa Pearson

  1. Bushka

    Super! Your work is remarkably alike….apart from the obvious similarity of ‘Love of Colour’…..and…dare I say, there is something strikingly similar about your ‘looks’ as well. Truly ‘like-souls’……;) Hugs! ❤


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