About Denise Lithgow – Textile Designer/tutor

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, Denise Lithgow, an Australian textile designer, shares a studio in Sydney with painter, Peter Griffen.       I met them both when they came to the school in Olhao to give a workshop.   http://www.artinthealgarve.com

Denise holding one of her quite remarkable felt vessels….


Denise Lithgow’s Artist Statement.

‘The creative pathway is a search for meaning and insight into ourselves.   The instructive drive to create is embedded in us from our past and brings joy and beauty into our every day lives’.

By using free machine embroidery, which is then built up with layers of coloured fabrics, some of which have been hand dyed, Denise creates beautiful two dimensional textile, abstract landscapes.


She also creates the most remarkable sculptural felt vessels employing simplistic lines.      When Denise described how these vessels were made from felt, I was quite amazed.

Denise with a selection of her vessels….


Once introduced to felt, Denise became captivated by its tactile qualities, rich colours and the magic messing of fibres which can then be manipulated into forms and shapes to create vessels and exotic wearable art.

Two felt vessels

Sheepshape Denise 2

In the late 80’s while working full time, nursing in the operating theatres, at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, she studied fashion design at Sydney and TAFE colleges.     She then created ‘Denise Lithgow Designs’, designing wedding garments and accessories, and co-ordinating and designing personalised wardrobes for clients.

All of which lead to the art she is making today.

Felt vessel. 


Denise conducts workshops and sells her work in galleries throughout Australia….I suggest looking at her website, where you can read more about this interesting artist.  http://www.deniselithgow.com

No wonder I returned from Olhao feeling inspired……

By the way, Denise is also an excellent cook:)

A Bientôt

21 thoughts on “About Denise Lithgow – Textile Designer/tutor

  1. Tish Farrell

    I love these show-casing posts, Janet. But I really, really love felt. I can well appreciate Denise’s fascination. And it is a fabric with a long history in Britain. The felted water resistant capes made by Iron Age Britons were apparently in great demand by the Romans. Rather utilitarian, though, compared to these felted wonders.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much for this comment….and for teaching me something new again….I must admit that Denise’s work is a complete eye opener to me…..Have a lovely weekend…Janet

  2. teagan geneviene

    Dear Janet, thank you for this introduction to Denise. The vessels are awesome. I love the landscape best though — but you know me and colors; and those are gorgeous. I’ve dabbled in painting and a little in working with textiles, and I can tell anyone who doubts that it takes every bit as much artistic talent to work with textiles as creating fine paintings. Hugs all ’round. Have a thriving Thursday.

  3. Jet Eliot

    I never in a million years thought of felt as an art medium. Crazy and wonderful! I very much enjoyed this post, the enlightening art, and the introduction to your talented, vibrant, and delightfully creative friend Denise.

  4. olganm

    Thanks for the introduction. I haven’t noticed such a tradition of felt in my country but here in the UK I’ve seen pretty amazing creations. I love textiles and Denise’s are fabulous.

  5. snowbird

    Gosh, I’m inspired too!Those felt vessels are astonishing! I love her work….btw…I can see a little boy in a cap in the landscape. What a talented lady and it simply amazes me how creativity can erupt into so many beautiful, inspiring forms.xxx


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