mental space from all the madness………

My Life as an Artist (2)

The world is in a state of great upheaval and in my mind, madness, all of which I believe stems from greed and fear.

As I observe the mass movement of people from around the world, I recognise more and more how important the basic and simple elements of life are.      Shelter, clothing, food, community.

The question is, how do we deal with the very real stress and horror that we are constantly bombarded with?

Something I often do is imagine myself as a bird flying above it all.       This simple exercise helps.   It doesn’t change anything but it does give me a deeper understanding of how small we really are…….and in those moments of wonder and peace comes a feeling of hope.


A Bientôt


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13 thoughts on “mental space from all the madness………

  1. teagan geneviene

    Indeed. I “cut the Comcast cord” 2 years ago. Now I only watch the occasional news cast, and then only for a few minutes. That alone has done me a lot of good (except feeling a tad guilty for being “uninformed”). Yes, rise above it. Thank you, Janet, for these lovely humming birds to help me have a terrific Tuesday, and wishing you one as well. Mega hugs!

  2. Gill McGrath

    I also believe that greed is destroying this beautiful world (in big ways and small ways) creating new madness, and chaos at so many levels. I have always seen your search for the beautiful running through your brush strokes, your beautiful birds. Thank you so much Janet for sharing them. Peace and happiness to you today and always xxx

  3. olganm

    Distancing oneself is a good technique for sure, although I hadn’t thought of it as flying. Thanks for the insight and for the wonderful hummingbirds!


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