Staying anchored in a world that is out of sync.


In 1999 I gave a talk on how our lives revolve around boxes of one kind or another and how the creative process in its many forms can help to re-connect and anchor us to who we really are.


‘Regardless whether a bedsit or Buckingham Palace, we live in a box.    Each day a huge % of the worlds population travel in a metal box – (car, bus,  train and/or plane) to a place of work.      At work we sit in front of a computer box, until returning home where we  watch the TV box.     At the end of our short lives we will end up in a wooden box……’

Since 1999, when I first gave this talk, many more boxes have been added to the list….including of course mobile phones, tablets, games  – and the list goes on.

Flying freely above the madness like a magical hummingbird – watercolour. 

20-11-15 - 1 (1121)

On Monday evening, I attended an art opening where I observed the creative spirit of many others, and enjoyed interesting and meaningful conversations.

What a different atmosphere to the trains I used to travel back and forth to the exhibition, where people looked so stressed and almost to a one were plugged into some device or another.

Drinking from the sweet nectar of life – like the magical hummingbird – watercolour


Living under the unnatural time pressures that life in the 21st century imposes upon us, we are clearly out of time and sync with Mother Nature’s pace.

Until quite recently we marked time by the passing of seasons, the life cycles of humans, animals and plants, the moon and other celestial bodies – we now seem to be disconnected.    Disconnected from the spirit, and that deep instinctive ‘knowing’ which lies buried within the human species.

To quote Lorna Marsen, a respected Quaker thinker :

‘The spiritual life, the life of imagination and the heart is an endowment of humanity that is primal.    It works against the elevation of the use of reason beyond the borders of reason’s competence.’

Magical hummingbird – watercolour


Contrary to early predictions,  computers are not necessarily time savers.  Rather evidence shows that we accomplish much more when we are not hooked up to technology all the time.

This is not to say that computers and technology don’t play an important part in our lives.      However,  discernment about how we use the technology is, I believe vital to our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Those of us who were fortunate enough to know a world before the advent of technology are better equipped to use discernment, but for younger generations who have not known another way, it is difficult.

Magical Hummingbirds live by the rhythms of Mother Nature.  watercolour


What is clear is that when we adhere to the natural rhythms of life….we immediately feel better on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Spending time outdoors, gardening, reading, painting, writing, dancing, listening to beautiful music, enjoying the company of like minded others.    Establishing sleep patterns that work for us.     Enjoying periods of quiet and meditation and eating the foods that Mother Nature provides – all  give a sense of wellbeing

The Magical Hummingbirds remind me of the beauty and mystery that Mother Nature offers us.



‘Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is, patience.’   Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

A Bientôt


52 thoughts on “Staying anchored in a world that is out of sync.

  1. Bushka

    Excellent post, Janet! Too true…..Boxes seem to dominate people’s lives…even their thinking……Not easy to break out of those boxes… 😉
    Essential to engage in aspects of Life which can facilitate ‘escape’ from the Boxes…..NATURE and the NATURAL World is the best facilitator…
    Love those Hummingbirds…….SO…..To facilitate your day…Hummingbird Hugs! ❤

  2. teagan geneviene

    Dear Janet, thank you for this mindful post. I very much enjoyed the Lorna Marsen quote; I’m not familiar with her. As always thank you for sharing your magical humming birds. The first hummer you showed today surprised me with it’s subtle greens. It’s a rainy day here and the colors perfectly suited my day — a contrast to my gray, but soft and lovely. Wishing you a thriving Thursday. Mega hugs!

  3. Bonnie Halsey-Dutton

    What a great wake-up about how these boxes we are in impact our humanity! Whether by choice or due to life and job requirements, being chained to the little boxes most people carry around these days control us! We are at the beck and call of the ringer on our phones, and people expect quick replies to emails sent… You are so right: it is dehumanizing and we need to be aware that boxes are constraints 🙂

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning, Bonnie….thank you so much for this comment and so good to see you here. Yes, it’s vital that we all become more connected with what’s real in life and that we honour the natural rhythms. To do otherwise, I believe is to destroy the spirit. As you say many life requirements dictate that we have to deal with boxes, but that means even more that we need to find ways to incorporate Mother Nature, creativity etc. in and around those boxes. I look forward to our next long conversation together in person. Janet:)

  4. snowbird

    A timely post Janet, and a warning many of us need to heed! Yes, we are all trapped in boxes some of the time, but as you say we have to make an effort to connect to our world, that is the reality, not the images flying off all these screens!
    I too have noticed how everyone seems to be plugged into something, sadly I don’t think they see the natural world anymore or ever look at the stars. Young people are beginning to act and think like machines. What a beautiful selection of hummers, I adore their colours, my favourite here was the beauty with the

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Dina, and thank you for this comment. I do believe that the loss of Mother Nature’s bounty in so many people’s lives, is one of the most damaging things. We need to find ways of being more connected to what’s real…..which I know you do every single moment of the day:) Have a lovely weekend, a slightly cooler one, I

  5. olganm

    Beautiful and magical, Janet. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Especially in winter, with short days, sometimes the day goes by and I don’t notice, but I feel it…

  6. Ngobesing Romanus

    I like this Janet. The post has opened my mind to this reality of living in little boxes; thinking in boxes too. How interesting! I like the hummingbirds. Your profile picture is so nice. I love it. You look as nice as you sound. Many blessings to you.

  7. Tobe Damit

    Hummingbird Wish Me Luck…. 😉 I so often catch myself imagining how life is for people who were born (or almost) with computers. It seems so bizarre now to hear people talking about their friends that they have never seen…Of course it’s ok, I get it that somehow we overcome certain barriers because we do not judge the people we talk to on the net by the way they dress, their accent, the color of their skin, their age, etc. so, yes it can be kinda cool to have this feeling to be talking only to their spirit but God!! How can people go through life without having someone real beside them, seeing their smile, smelling their perfume or just their natural odor, looking into their eyes.. You know what I mean… God I couldn’t feel good if I didn’t have someone beside me at times, even if I find it really difficult to build a relationship, even if I really suck at social gatherings and inter personal relationships… I still gotta try to know its ok to fail, I still gotta try cuz I managed to have one or 2 friends I know I can really count on when the shit hits the fan or when I wanna share my joy. It is only lately that I have come to realise that talking about my blog is something that doesn’t interest people at all..unless they have or had one…And even then..It still is something very intimate that I now know I must keep to myself otherwise I feel I’m bothering them, and it’s not just a feeling…Those awkward silence do mean a lot…. So yes!! Lets not forget that love and touch is a basic need, we need human touch as much as we need water or food!! Sorry I feel like I just said a busload of stuff we all already know.. Maybe I have to try a little harder and meet more people…Maybe I’m the only one who needs to be convinced here… I do have a real fear of being a social failure… I so suck at doing small talk when I am AFB. Yes Im one of those who dont say IRL but AFB because this is a part of me too and it’s very real… I just tend to forget to try harder at succeeding in making successful friendships.At times I do feel writing is my best hope and I aint even that good and never will be in English… not even in French but again I feel the most important thing is to keep trying..TY Janet for this post that steared me to think about all those things I have just said. I always feel I never tell you enough how much you mean to me and how much of a nice person you are! Heres a huge internet HUG just for you! Peace Out! xoxo

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Tobe, what a wonderful message to wake up to this Monday morning. Thank you so much for taking the time to express your thoughts and feelings. You are not alone – I think most people, including myself find that socialising in the real world, can be a minefield! And that comes from someone who spent most of her life without computers, etc. It does take practise and I would always suggest that you meet up with ‘like minded’ people. When I was a lot younger, I often tried to ‘fit a round peg into a square hole’ meaning that I tried to connect with others that I really had nothing in common with, but felt that it was expected of me to make an effort. As I have matured a little……I now seek out the friendship of those who I can relate to and visa versa……Having said all that, I love to meet new people, and make a point of smiling and talking with the people I come across in my daily life, as in the shops, etc. Like I say, it takes practise, like all things, but I do find that have a good balance of techie friends and real life friends is key. You are right, nothing can replace the pleasure of actually being with another human and having fun. I have also found that by taking each day as it comes…rather than worrying about making big sweeping changes, works much better for me:) You have a wonderful day and week ahead…and again thank you for making my day a special one. Janet:)xxx

      1. Tobe Damit

        TY!!! I so understand when you say ” ‘fit a round peg into a square hole’’ which I often described as trying to get the love from those who reject me instead of simply going along with the ones who love me for WHO I AM instead of trying to be someone I am not! Wise advice that I thank you for reminding me!! I am glad I made your day a special one. You just made mine a special one too!! Tobe (or not To Be) Damit! xoxo

  8. Jet Eliot

    I just loved the paintings here, Janet — your alignment with nature is so solid. The spirit and giddiness of the hummingbirds and the colors you wash over us…such a treat. Thank you. 🙂

  9. merryfairy

    Oh, how much I agree with you about our connection to Mother Nature, Janet! 🌳🌷🌴🌼
    Your magical hummingbirds made my day once again! Thank you! Have a merry day!

  10. Pingback: Winter with Anna’s Hummingbirds | Jet Eliot

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning, Jet….thank you so much for this wonderful compliment…it is much appreciated and may you be surrounded by magical hummingbirds this day and throughout the holiday season…Janet:)


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