A week filled with joy and love

In my last blog I announced that I would be taking time from here to celebrate my daughter’s arrival from the States for my 70th birthday.

I can now report that the last week was the best ever – a week filled with joy and love.    I think this is the most wonderful birthday I have ever experienced:)   Yes, big smiles all round.

Everything flowed from beginning to end…..


Christie and her friend Jen arrived last Wednesday and on Thursday, we attended Virginia MacGregor’s book launch for ‘The Astonishing Return of Norah Wells’     I have started to read the book and am completely hooked.     I will write much more when I finish reading.

Loads of people attended the book launch in Reading and it was lovely to hear Virginia read from, and talk about the book.    Coincidentally, my daughter Christie had met Virginia several years ago in the States.

Virginia MacGregor 


On Saturday 23rd we had the actual party in ‘The Jolly Coopers Pub, Hampton‘ – and it could not have gone better.       So many friends attended from far and wide…people who I love so much.    I was reminded of just how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends.      From all those who I love and care for who couldn’t be with us on that evening, came so many lovely messages.    Even my postman was amazed!

Everyone was too busy having fun to take lots of pics, but fortunately Jen took these.    A group of us met in my flat prior to walking to the pub….and there we are standing in front of The Jolly Coopers.       The staff at the pub were fabulous and the tapas they served was to die for….as they say:)


The following day the party continued at my flat…..Monday was a day of recovery!     Jen was able to get a flight back to the States on the Monday and then on Tuesday, Christie and I met with more dear friends at The Shard – where we had a beautiful lunch, which morphed into a long and wonderful afternoon/evening –

A view from The Shard after dark….very beautiful and again I will write much more about this later. 


On Wednesday, after a lovely breakfast at Bill’s in Kingston – Christie visited her Grandmother again and then we saw the superb film ‘The Danish Girl’ – I highly recommend…

That evening, we sat, talked and watched some TV which was when I did this quick watercolour of my darling daughter.

20-11-15 - 1 (116)

Yesterday, Christie flew back to Boston in perfect weather…..and so one of the most beautiful weeks imaginable was completed.

It will take me a few days to get organised….however, for now I will enjoy a sense of great wellbeing.

A Bientôt

45 thoughts on “A week filled with joy and love

  1. ShimonZ

    It sounds like a wonderful birthweek, and I’m so happy for you. Your doing the portrait of your daughter is just the perfect celebration… and spending the time with dear friends is definitely the way to keep happy. Sending you much love and best wishes for a very beautiful year ahead! xxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning dear Shimon…..yes, it was one of those truly special occasions and weeks…when everything flowed and all involved seemed to have much fun, laughter and wonderful conversation. Having my daughter here was of course a big blob of icing on the cake, and in fact had Christie not come, I might have had dinner with a friend or two rather than organise something a little bigger! Having the party at a local pub which is filled with atmosphere and conviviality even before we the party goers arrived, turned out to be a wonderful idea…and one I would recommend to others. A great way to celebrate a very special birthday.
      Wishing you a beautiful weekend…Janet. xxx

  2. olganm

    What a wonderful week indeed! Happy belated birthday, Janet. I can see you have a fabulous time. Looking forward to hearing more about it. Everything looks fantastic. And thanks for sharing the painting, the food (I’m hungry now), the views, and the pictures of the launch. It’s great to see Virginia and I’ve already read her novel and is fantastic. 🙂

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning, Olga…thank you so much – it was indeed one of the most special birthdays I have ever experienced:) Virginia in person is as wonderful as one might expect…..and oh how I am enjoying her book. Janet. x

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Bushka….and just to add another glorious blob of icing to it all…dear Suzy from S. Africa was able to be there as was her beautiful son, Barrie who is now at University in the UK…..how special is that? I am still smiling and will always remember this birthday as one of the best I have ever experienced. Hope you and Pat have a lovely weekend. Janet. xxx

  3. ellenbest24

    Happy belated birthday. How about this for a thought? Your day will now take a place in future generations nostalgia, as daughter recants the wonderful time to family absent, and they tell their children, and guests that joined in tell their children of the great day, in a distant time your happiness will still be infectious.😇

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Ellen…..Yes, I do think that the people who attended this birthday party will remember it fondly. I am so grateful to have experienced such a wonderful occasion with so many dear friends….what more can anyone want in life….
      Have a beautiful weekend. Janet. xx

      1. DG MARYOGA

        My pleasure,dear Janet!Your life is full of cheerful vibrant colours,anyhow,but the colours of your birthday had a very special brilliance thanks to your daughter’s arrival.Have a nice and creative week ahead! Doda 🙂

  4. teagan geneviene

    Dear Janet — belated wishes for a fabulous birthday! Thank you so much for bringing us along for this wonderful celebration. What a marvelous beginning to my Friday. Enjoyed the book launch too. Loved the title Virginia gave it, such fun. Mega hummingbird hugs!

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Teagan…hope that most of the snow has disappeared……and thank you so much for your wishes. It was wonderful and probably the very best birthday I have every experienced:) I will be smiling for a long time. I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate my 70th with dear friends and of course my daughter…from far and wide.
      Hope you have a beautiful and colourful weekend, surrounded of course by the magical hummers. Janet. xxx

  5. Bonnie Halsey-Dutton

    How fabulous! I have a bit of a feeling I was able to be there, just by seeing your photos and reading about it. In the photos, your face shows it all: the wonderful time filled with laughter and love. You and Christie both look fantastic, and of course very happy. I’m so pleased, my friend! Bonnie

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning dear Bonnie…although you could not be there in person, you were definitely with us in spirit, and if your ears were burning at all – it was all good stuff:) A lot of talk about S. Dakota, our friendship, etc. Have a fabulous weekend – I am still smiling and am so very happy and grateful…Janet. xxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning dear Carol…./thank you so much. It was indeed a wonderful time,one I will never forget. By the way I see you sent me a question in a previous post…I will respond soon:) Meanwhile, enjoy a fabulous weekend. Janet. xx

  6. Vera Komnig

    I’m so happy with you, my dear sister in art and congratulations to your unbelievable 70th Birthday. You looks so young and your heart is fresh and bubbly like your lovely hummingbirds. I am so pleased for you that you had such a wonderful time with friends and your daughter. I read you here and it was the first bright smile of a not so great day for me.
    Thank you!
    Love from your sister in art
    Vera ❤

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning my dear Sister in Art – and thank you for this beautiful comment. It was such a special time, and what a wonderful way to celebrate my 70th birthday:) I will be smiling for a long time.
      By the way your calendar and little painting on the easel were much admired in my flat……I kept saying to people…this is the work of my Sister in Art in Germany…how lovely is that:)
      I hope your day is a good one and that you can smile some more. I send love and magical hummingbirds in your direction…janet. xxx

      1. Vera Komnig

        I am so honored, my dear sister in art. So happy that we met us in this world and I hope it will be some day in the real life too.

        Enjoy your smile ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. snowbird

    Ahhh, what a perfect week of celebrations, how I wish I could have joined you. I’m glad all went swimmingly, you deserve it. As Vera says, you certainly don’t look your age! I love that portrait of your daughter!xxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Dina – Oh I do wish you could have joined us….it was so much fun….and filled with much love, joy, laughter, and great conversation. What more could anyone wish for…..I feel so fortunate to have my health today and to feel so alive (remember one day at a time) and because of that be able to thoroughly enjoy my daughter and all my friends.
      As you well know, the creative process has an enormous amount to do with all of that. This is the year we will meet in person:)xxx

  8. Mary

    Talk about an amazing birthday weekend bash! Loved hearing the details Janet – best wishes in your 70th year, great thing await you! Lovely portrait of your daughter.

  9. Jet Eliot

    You are so dear, Janet. The magic remains with you, in the re-telling of this wonderful week of love and joy and sweetness; and I’m glad there were photos and your wonderful watercolors too. I am not surprised that you are surrounded with love, you are love. 😀

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning dear Jet….thank you so much for this lovely comment. I will always remember this week and my 70th birthday as being one of the most special occasions….I couldn’t wish for anything more:) Have a beautiful weekend. Janet. x

  10. thefeatheredsleep

    Happy 70th you incouragly talented, brilliant fkam a of a woman!♡♡♡ you make 70 so hot I can’t wait! Hope you had a terrific time and sending you love for a very, very happy year ahead!♡♡♡

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning and thank you so m much for this wonderful comment. I have to admit that being 70 feels wonderful….and it can be that way for everyone…it’s all in the mind:) I follow your poems and love them so much and enjoy your book every day…Janet. xxx

  11. Gill McGrath

    Hi Janet. Very happy 70 th birthday to you. It sounds like you had a ball. Well deserved and delighted to pick up the flavour of this wonderful experience you had with daughter and friends. …. and hummingbirds. Beautiful and special post! xxxxxx many happy returns!!! ❤

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Gill, – it was indeed one of the best weeks and birthdays ever…..I feel so grateful for it all and for the fact that I am reached 70 still intact:) have a wonderful day. Janet. xxx

  12. inesephoto

    Such a perfect week, Janet, filled with love, laughter and hearty conversations in a good company. I have to read Virginia MacGregor’s book, sure I will love it. My best wishes to you, amazing Lady!


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