Fifty years ago…….Happy Birthday Jarrod

Fifty years ago, on 10th September my darling son, Jarrod Reed was born…..This post is a tribute to him.

A collage of just a very few moments in Jarod’s life…. 

20-11-15-1-396The story of Jarrod’s birth still makes me smile – and so I will share it here.

On January 28th, 1966 – along with my first husband who was English, I set sail on the United States Liner from Southampton England to New York.    We were planning on a two year visit.      Just out of art college I was twenty years old.

The crossing was one of the roughest on record at that time, and indeed there were many accidents on the ship due to very rough seas.     Although there were several life boat practises….all I wanted to do was die!!!   Oh I was so terribly sick.

Having arrived in New York, (thinking that all would be well once I hit terra firma) we took a Greyhound Bus to Miami Florida, and then we were driven to Key West – our destination…and yes, I was sick the whole way and it felt as if the very land beneath me was rocking and rolling just like the ocean!

So when I was still being sick two months after our arrival on Key West Florida….and remember this was way before any pregnancy tests were available at the local chemist….I was quite shocked to find that I was pregnant….and in hindsight even more amazed that Jarrod had survived such a rough beginning.

With Jarrod  – Ft. Lauderdale – Florida – 1966.


Jarrod was a dear ittle boy….and I might add continues to be a wonderful adult….I am very proud of him.     Among other things, he is a superb musician and chef…..

I am also pleased to note that Jarrod is in a very happy place as he reaches 50.    Nearly three years ago, he reconnected with a childhood friend – (whose mother happens to be an artist friend of mine:) and they are extremely  happy.    Definitely a case  of ‘none of us is every creative enough to know how things will actually work out.…..’      Recent pictures of Jarrod and Kendle together are in the collage.

Love this picture – one of a series taken by my childhood friend, Mick Duff when Jarrod and I were visiting the UK. 


Big brother to Christie – (I never could bake cakes:)


Jarrod – 27 years old 


At thirty – when he visited me in Wales


Jarrod and Kendle today on the horse farm where they live….


Ala prima oil painting  – Jarrod 27 years  – signed Moo Mar – the name Jarrod gave me many years ago……


And so my very gifted, wonderful son….here’s wishing you a fabulous fiftieth  birthday and may you and Kendle enjoy many more together.

Moo Mar…….:)












57 thoughts on “Fifty years ago…….Happy Birthday Jarrod

  1. Steve

    Happy birthday to your son and I appreciate the memories you treasure at your seventies…. Keep going and God bless you…..

  2. ourfrenchoasis

    A very happy birthday to your son, what a fabulous story and what a beginning, his first voyage, tummy travel as my children call it, sounds horrendous, rather you than me and what a long bus ride! I do however simply love the Keys. Have a great weekend, profitez bien du soleil x

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning….of course when we booked the Greyhound bus ride we had no idea at that time how long it would take to get to Miami, etc. etc. Spent our first months in Key West helping Cuban refugees coming in on little boats…definitely back in my flower child, hippy dippy days.. – In so many ways life was so free compared to the world today. I could write a book just about that trip and bus ride….first impressions etc. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend in beautiful France….janet. :)x

  3. Timi Townsend

    What a lovely birthday card for your son! But I must confess, Janet, that I would never have guessed you to have a fifty-year-old son at this point in your life! I was an “elderly primagravida,” which meant that I was the oldest mom in the playgroup… 🙂

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Your comment made me smile…yes, having Jarrod at 20 years old in 1966, was actually quite normal back in those days…no planning etc. I do have to pinch myself at times when I realise that Jarrod is 50 and I am 70…..I believe that there are pros and cons to both ends of the spectrum…for the young Mother and for the older Mother…you are actually much more in play with what’s happening in today’s world. Thank you so much for the comment and hope that you are enjoying a lovely weekend…Janet:)

      1. Timi Townsend

        Thank you Janet! Many a time I’ve wished that I’d been a young mother, but what happens is what happens! This has been a lovely weekend, filled with lots of rest! Then lunch and a movie matinee with a new friend, Jim, who I am going with friends to see in a concert that he’s in! Such fun, but even more fun when I’ve had plenty of sleep… 🙂

      2. janetweightreed10 Post author

        Sounds wonderful…hope you are feeling fully rested this morning. I actually believe that there are pros and cons to being a younger/older mother…and whatever way it happens is what we have to fly with:) Enjoy the day…janet…..

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Teagan…thank you so much. I have so many photographs of the children growing up and am so pleased that I have kept them all. After I cleared my Mother’s house, when she went into the nursing home…I went through every drawer, etc. and put all special (and now quite historical documents) into big photograph albums….along with photographs of course. This means that when I kick the bucket my children will be able to simply pick these big books up with everything in tact. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend….about to check out your blog…janet:)xx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning and thank you for the lovely comment. I have so many family photographs from over the years, and am so pleased that I have kept them all…even though I have moved around including back and forth across the Atlantic!:) Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend…Janet

      1. janetweightreed10 Post author

        I have often purged, but thank goodness kept all papers and photographs…and of course paintings…you can imagine how many paintings I have – and not just my own:) Enjoy the day and week ahead…janet:)

  4. Jane M. Hart

    How happy I am to see the joy & contentment on Jarrod’s handsome face. And 50 years old . . . I can’t believe it! I look at his photos and see so much of your beauty in him. I loved the times Jarrod and I spent together years ago and it filled my heart to wish him a Happy Birthday on his Facebook page. Love you oodles and more!

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning dear Jane….thank you so much for this….It is wonderful to see him so very happy at this stage in his life. What a joy. Love you oodles and boodles and hope to see you in 2017. janet. xx

  5. snowbird

    How I enjoyed this! What a beautiful boy you have, I can see why you paint him! That pic of him with the long dark hair is simply stunning, he looks like some sort of avenging angel, or warrior prince, and he’s the absolute image of you, how uncanny!!! Happy birthday beautiful one, here’s to all your dreams coming

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you dear Dina…Jarrod will love reading your comment. When Jarrod had his long hair, and we would go canoeing…he in one canoe and I in another…on a hot day he would be bare chested and from behind look like a Native American …..wonderful:) He has reached this mile stone at such a happy time in his life…which of course makes me very happy. xxx

      1. snowbird

        Oh…I can just imagine him in the canoe….honestly, that pic gave me goosebumps.
        P,s…could you do me a favour and send me an email via my blog with a link to where/how I could buy a print of your dancing birds, the one on your art website? I really love that painting! And others of course…xxx

  6. olganm

    I hope he had a great birthday. I’m pleased to see he’s so happy and everything is going well for him. Thanks for sharing wonderful memories and images. You’re one proud Mom

  7. janetweightreed10 Post author

    Good morning, Olga…yes I suppose it is true to say that I am one proud Mum of both my children:) Howver, what’s most important is that Jarrod is so happy at this time in his life. Enjoy the day…janet:)x

  8. janetweightreed10 Post author

    You can say that again:) When Jarrod was born the concept of his being 50 and my being 70 was totally out of all realms of imagination….but here we are….proving that time is such an illusion….Thanks for the comment. Janet:)

  9. davidjrogersftw

    Happy Birthday to Jarrod., and thanks Janet for sharing this tribute to him. I’m happy to learn more about your family which is timely for me as a I begin to tackle a book I’ve been thinking of writing for forty years–four generations of us starting in the coal mines of Wales. I love the picture of Jarrod in that blue and white sweater–cute little chap. And what, I’m wondering, was taking you down there to Key West?.

  10. janetweightreed10 Post author

    Good morning, David. I have just left a comment on your blog. Your book is one I will look forward to….if I can pass on any information re Wales, let me know. Yes, Jarrod was a cute little chap……and as for Key West…here’s the story. My first husband, who was English, had family in the States who he had visited as a teenager. His cousin was a captain on the then very active marine base on Key West, and the cousin’s wife was in charge of greeting Cuban refugees as they came in on small boats, giving them food, clothing, etc. We went to Key West to visit but also to help with the Cuban refugees which was more than interesting. They weren’t all Cubans. I remember one English X Pat couple who had a large sugar plantation in Cuba. When Castro came into power, he visited them on their farm in a helicopter and assured them they had nothing to worry about…The next day all their bank accounts were frozen! They left with a few things sewn to the inside of their shirts, and went on to manage an apartment block at Pompano Beach…which of course gave them work and housing. I lost touch with them after that. Such a different time…the only way of communicating was via snail mail which took at least seven days to the UK….and the occasional telegram. Phone calls cost a fortune and the connection was awful……what a different world we re in now….as I wait to Skype with my daughter in Boston this afternoon . Enjoy your day…Janet:)

  11. Jet Eliot

    Oh, this is such a very sweet tribute, Janet. How lucky Jarrod is to have such a loving and proud mother, and how lucky you are to have a happy and successful son. And how wonderful that you have both enjoyed the gift of long life, to reflect back, look forward, and smile with joy. My best wishes to you both~~

  12. janetweightreed10 Post author

    Thank you Jet, You are right to say how fortunate we are to be able to look back on so many years and look forward to hopefully many more. I have been thinking that when Jarrod was born, I couldn’t imagine that the day would come when he would be fifty years old…I do believe that time is an illusion – on the one hand it seems to disappear so quickly and on the other, it can seem like an eternity. janet:)

  13. Mary

    Happy Belated Birthday to your lovely son Jarrod. A special post, so many beautiful memories ~ Happy Monday Janet, have a wonderful week ahead.


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