There are no lines around Mother Nature….

Large oil on canvas…6′ x 4′ – Interconnections20-11-15-1-16Every now and then people send me images of paintings or sketches which I have long forgotten.      This week a friend posted a sketch (apparently she found it on the back of another painting) which immediately took me to a point in time that has continued to have a huge influence on my work.

This was the sketch……..One of many initial ‘rock and nude’ sketches from the early eighties. 


For those who have followed my blog for a while, they might remember other posts about this period, however the unearthing of this sketch has prompted me to tell the story of how the series came about and more importantly why it continues to influence my work and thinking today.

In 1981/82 – I was invited to paint on Isle au Haut, a rugged island (about the size of Manhattan Island, New York) part of Acadia National Park, Maine.      At that time other than a few lobster fishermen, for the most part the Island was uninhabited.   There was a depot where basic provisions could be bought.    Blueberries, clams  and other natural delights could be foraged and the fisherman were always happy to sell some of their catch.

I took this photograph from the Internet as in 1981 we didn’t take a camera…everything was recorded with brush and paints.  


Boom Beach.      Ecologically speaking this is a very young Island….there is a sense of rawness….which I loved.


Initially, I was interested in painting the rocks….and indeed made countless watercolour sketches.      After returning to the mainland, It was from these sketches that I painted large canvases.

One of the first Rock paintings – large oil on canvas.   I believe this painting is in Colorado.  Note that it was signed before I began to use my maiden name as part of my signature (Weight Reed)


As I observed and explored the Island, the deep understanding came to me that  ‘there are no lines around Mother Nature – Everything is fluid’        All of life is interconnected.   

I  believe it is because we have ignored this basic principle that our world is in such a mess today…..!

The more I observed, I saw human form within the rock formations, which lead me to begin a large series of work where I consciously integrated the two elements.     (My header painting was the first in that series, and I am glad to say it is now with me in London)

Another in the series….large canvas. 


Over the years, I have travelled a great deal and lived in different places.   I have had big studios, and small studios….which often account for my working in one medium or another.     In other words a big studio usually equals large canvases….smaller studios mean paper pieces….and when I am travelling and painting…watercolour is a much easier medium to manage.

Currently I am living and working in a relatively small space in London which is a good base to travel from and at the same time oversee the care of my 95 year old Mother who is in a nursing home close by.        However, should that change I plan to spend much more time in France, and other parts of Europe, and ultimately develop a studio in Marmite Heaven.…(more about that in another blog)

One might ask – how the magical hummingbirds are influenced by this period?    

Hummingbirds are a constant reminder of the wonders and fluid nature of all life.  watercolour/gouache


A Bientôt















48 thoughts on “There are no lines around Mother Nature….

  1. Jet Eliot

    Fantastic post Janet. The paintings are so lovely, and I love hearing the story about your time in Maine. I really like the first one a lot. And yes, all of earth and her beings are so very interconnected. And who better than the fluid hummingbird to relay this constant message. My best to you~~

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Jet….Even though I was born in London and live here presently….I am most definitely a country girl at heart….Fortunately, I have trees around my flat and live in a very ‘leafy’ part of London, but cherish the times I get to spend with Mother Nature. Thank you and hope you enjoy a lovely autumn weekend. janet:)

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much, Timi…..there were about thirty large canvases in the series and countless paper pieces. However, given that all of life is interconnected…this series is merely one small part of my life’s work thus far, one of the links in the chain. Have a beautiful and creative weekend…Janet:)

  2. First Night Design

    This is such an evocative description of the connection and fluidity between humans and nature and exquisite paintings to illustrate. I am particularly struck by today’s hummingbird – glorious! Take care and keep laughing. 🙂 xx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning, Sarah…thank you for this lovely comment…much appreciated. Wishing you a glorious autumn weekend, and it looks to be a good one…..and of course keep smiling…janet:)xx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much Ted….Yes, Acadia National park is indeed a wondrous place… I hope to return to in the next year or so. I am planning to re-visit Isle au Haut – fingers crossed. Have a very creative weekend….which I am quite sure you will. Janet:)

  3. Teagan Geneviene

    Hi Janet. What an inspiring location in Maine. No wonder you produced such wonderful work there. Those rocks… yes — there is just something about them… They call to me as well. For a long time I’ve referred to myself as a “rock geek” for my love of gems, crystals — and plain old rocks. Thank you, my friend for another lovely post. Oh, and the hummingbirds — the colors in this one remind of the southwest sky. Mega hugs.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning, Teagan….have been thinking about you a lot this week, and hoping that your creative juices are flowing. Yes, I also love rocks. I was invited to paint in a beautiful part of Ireland a few years back….I think everyone thought I would painting the whole landscape, but as soon as I arrived, I saw with great delight, fabulous rock formations right where I was staying, and so guess what…I painted the rocks! It is the rawness…the feeling of getting back to the essence of it all that I love so much. Glad you like the hummers and that they remind you of the beautiful southwest. Have a lovely weekend….Janet:)xx

  4. olganm

    Gorgeous. The comments and thoughts made me think of Gaudí and his buildings (indeed no lines) and some of the paintings also of Dalí… I’m very intrigued by Marmite Heaven, and I totally understand that we must adapt to our circumstances. Love rocks and thanks, as always, for the magical hummingbirds

  5. Mary

    Isle au Haut, I know the place well from when we lived in Maine and would frequent Acadia Park quite often. This is such an interesting post, your imagination and what comes from your work is brilliant – who else would look at Maine coastal rocks and see the interconnected universe of humanity. Love it Janet!

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning, Mary. How wonderful that you have been able to spend much time in this beautiful part of the world. Maybe the Island and Acadia National Park ignited my creative thinking because it was so different from anything I had known when growing up in the English country side and other parts of Europe. There really is a natural rawness to the land and sea which I find very exciting. Thank you so much for your very lovely comment..always appreciated – and again so good to see you back…janet:)

  6. inesephoto

    Good evening, Janet. I enjoyed both, your paintings and the story with a bittersweet feeling. I remembered the era when I was in my happy thirties, and how everything has changed in such a short period of time. Your paintings express the idea of the flow and interconnection of all the aspects, all facets of life. Wish we all understood how true it is.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning and thank you for this comment. Yes, our world has changed beyond recognition in the last thirty years….Given that I am currently in London and (although I avoid rush hours like the plague) do travel by public transportation and it is sadly very clear to me that so many people are living very unhappy, unfulfilled lives…almost like robots. We are so fortunate to have known a time when things were different and we must never forget the key principles….HOpe you are enjoying a lovely weekend…Janet:)x

      1. inesephoto

        I so agree with you. ‘Unfulfilled life’ is written over many faces one sees in the streets. Separation from the nature saddens me. New generation’s vocabulary is barren, their knowledge of the natural world is very basic. Lucky are those who live near the sea or in some other outdoor-oriented areas. Not the Londoners. Sad.

      2. janetweightreed10 Post author

        As someone who is based in London (albeit a very leafy part) I cannot wait to get to the countryside again. I need a base here to oversee the care of my 95 year old Mother, but is he departs this zone before me, and we never know – then off I go….janet.

      3. janetweightreed10 Post author

        Thank you – yes, I am the only child and so it’s been quite a journey…but as is the case with all off life’s adventures – I have learned a great deal:) However, having said that I do yearn for the country, sea and wide open spaces:)

  7. Butkovich Pete

    Love the artwork- big or small.
    Have you Googled “super slow motion videos of humming birds in flight?”
    Great nature footage of your favorite small subjects.
    Pete Butkovich
    Cromwell, CT – USA

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning and thank you so much for this. I have recently seen this video and it is quite remarkable. Hummingbirds symbolise for me the ‘unseen magic’ in our world. I am off to Wales today to paint….Janet 🙂


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