The end of an era….

This morning my Mother –  Beryl Eileen Griffiths Weight –  (27/04/1923 – 15/12/2016)  moved on from this world to a glorious garden filled with flowers and magical hummingbirds.

Mother – watercolour painted in the Magical Town of Crickadoon 1994. 


I have been overseeing my Mother’s care for the past nine years – the first three at her home and then the last six in a nursing home.     On December 8th Mother was admitted to the Astor Ward at Kingston Hospital and on Sunday 11th Palliative care was introduced.   Since then it has been a case of keeping her as comfortable as is possible.

The NHS (National Health Service) care has been beyond wonderful.    All the nurses, doctors and staff on the ward could not have been more caring and sensitive.     When ‘end of life’ care was introduced Mother was moved into a large private room with a bed and bathroom for me.

On a lighter note, on Mother’s last birthday she was completely convinced it was her 100th, since then she has upped the ante believing at the time of her death that she was 105….proving my theory that time is an illusion……

Make sure to live each and every day to the full…..



I wil now be taking time out until the new year….

I wish one and all a lovely holiday season and of course a very healthy, happy and creative, 2017.

A bientôt



45 thoughts on “The end of an era….

  1. Vera Komnig

    For so long I have been here once again and find this sad news from you, my dear sister in art.
    I have goose bumps …
    I am so sorry for your loss!
    I am with you.


    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      My dear Vera – Sister in Art – I have missed you so much. Yes, it has been a difficult time, but now I am ready to move forward. I really have missed you and look forward now to seeing all your wonderful work. For now I send lots of love Janet. xxx

      1. janetweightreed10 Post author

        I have really missed you and so yes, it’s very good to be re-connected. It will take a while for me to get back into my rhythms…when I can paint every day – bliss:) Happy painting to you my dear sister in art – Janet. x

  2. Belinda

    My sympathies for you know no bounds, I still feel my Mums passing as if it were yesterday not just over 10 yrs ago, be kind to you, as you know also your Mums passing was her release and as you said her passing was to a glorious garden and magical hummingbirds. Hugs Belinda

  3. Timi Townsend

    I am so sorry for your loss, Janet. Losing a mother is very hard, even when it’s been expected at the end of a long illness, as it was with my mother, too. I am glad that you can see her passage as a positive one for her, and I hope that your own journey will continue steadily on, filled with creativity, joy, and magical hummingbirds. –Timi

  4. Margaret Parker Brown

    So sorry to hear of your mother’s passing, amazing length of time that she lived! Love your portrait and the last painting, wow… the colors and feeling. Have a wonderful Holidays and rest your creative soul and mind. Blessings…..

  5. lurda55

    Belíisima despedida a tu madre, Janet, que la verá con entusiasmo allí dónde esté. Una hija maravillosa, que tiene todo el color en su pincel. Un fuerte abrazo, amiga bloguera. A bientôt

  6. snowbird

    Ahhh, so sorry to hear your news, I hope your mum is now at peace and in a beautiful place like the one you have painted here. What a grand inning, bless you both. I love your portrait. How odd that we were only talking of your mother recently! Take good care of you and have a good festive season, hope all goes well with your mum’s arrangements.xxxxxx

  7. merryfairy

    I’m sorry for your loss, Janet! My deepest condolences! Be strong enough, to let this loss go and have her alive in your heart… besides, she is somewhere around, just in a different dimension I believe…😉

  8. jude fleming

    darling girl Janet
    I am sure your Mum is comfortable again but still such a loss. thinking of you especially this Christmas and wishing you all of the wonderful blessings of life xx

  9. davidjrogersftw

    Dear Janet,
    I am so moved to learn about your mother’s passing. I know from your posts that she was a lovely woman. You were a good daughter and took care of her and comforted her, especially in those last blessed years together.
    I think you’re right that time which flies so fast is merely an illusion. We are all of us bound together in this illusion, so let’s be happy together and make our days a celebration—painting, writing, dancing–creating.
    Thank you for your holiday wishes and the same to you from Diana and me.

  10. Jose D.

    My deep Condolences and may she rest in peace. Bless her for a long life and for a devoted caring daughter. May the magical humming birds sing and lead her to her glorious destination.


  11. I of July

    Such a wonderful and powerful ending. The heartfelt anecdote about your mother resonates. Thank you Janet for colouring our days with your artful creations. It inspires good energy. Looking forward to the next. Happy holidays to you and the family. Love and Light.


    So sad.Live to remember her … My father was born on the 7th of 1923,he is still fine,but I lost my mum in 2006.Best wishes for a Happy,Peaceful & Creative New Year.


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