Bonnie Halsey-Dutton Tutor at Art in the Algarve…

e-bhd-photoI can’t believe that it’s almost that time of the year again when courses start up at the School in Olhao Portugal –     

I am looking forward to my time there in April, but this post is about another artist and dear friend of mine, Bonnie Halsey Dutton...who will be tutoring a course at the School from May 31st til June 7th.

Although Bonnie hails from Spearfish, South Dakota, I first met her in West Chester Pennsylvania about 28 years ago.      Having just moved to the area she first saw me at an art opening and came up and introduced herself, and the rest is history……

Bonnie’s artwork honours stories and explores mankind’s connection to the past.   Living in S. Dakota impacts her imagery, as her art explores the cultural symbols, stories and ancient artefacts from that region. 

Coming in with the Surf –  Oil on canvas. 


A professional artist and art educator, Bonnie has had over twenty years of experience in the field of art education.

Her workshop at the School in Olhao will focus on ‘exploration of place’, as well as ‘low stakes, creative risk taking.’

Using water based mediums, the workshop is designed to benefit beginning painters as well as artists wishing to explore their individual painting style.   

Lost and Found – oil one canvas


By studying art in an inspirational creative environment, like the School in Olhao, participant’s work and thinking is enriched….

The 150 year old olive tree that emanates from one of the internal courtyards meandering its way up through the different levels of the school.


The studio 


The school offers excellent areas for group activities as well as plenty of quiet private spaces.


Looking down into the courtyard swimming pool…there is another pool on the roof


Minutes from the School, the colourful and vibrant market – 


A most convivial place to enjoy the wonderful freshly cooked food from the School’s kitchen,  and of course much conversation. 


Bonnie is an enthusiastic and energetic tutor.     She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, –  another reason why she is an excellent person to enjoy and explore this fascinating area with.

You can learn more about Bonnie at http://www.bonnie and at

I thought I would finish this post on a humorous note with this photograph of Bonnie and me taken in Deadwood, South Dakota – 1995.    We held up a stage coach that day and did quite well:)


A Bientôt..



19 thoughts on “Bonnie Halsey-Dutton Tutor at Art in the Algarve…

  1. Teagan Geneviene

    Haha! I love the “old west” photo, Janet. What a fun way to round off the post. Your hummingbirds have certainly stolen my heart.
    I always enjoy hearing about the school, and learning about Bonnie and her work was a bonus. Hummingbird hugs all around. 🙂 ❤

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much. I have met some wonderful people over the years and Bonnie is most definitely one of them. I am also privileged to work in some wonderful places, and the School in Portugal is one of my favourites. Have a lovely day…janet.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Timi….I haven’t had a chance to look at this, but my goodness, thank you so much. From you this is a high compliment indeed. Hope you enjoy a lovely day…Janet:)

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Dina….As I write this you are probably on a plane, train, boat, bus or whatever:) Yes, Bonnie is a superb artist and very good friend. We should arrange a trip out to the Black Hills of S. Dakota where she lives….xx

  2. davidjrogersftw

    Janet, thank you for this post. It will be a grand workshop in a wonderful setting for exploring one’s craft. It’s just such a beautiful place. What appeals to me most about the workshop is “the exploration of place.” I love all art that evokes places. I really like your concluding photograph of the stage coach robbers. Love your getups. Reminds me of legendary thieves Jesse and Frank James.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning David….The School in Portugal is a very special place and so conducive to the creative process, no matter what your preferred medium. We live and work in the School and because everything is just a few minutes walk away no cars are necessary. We do take a boat out to one of the beautiful outlying islands to paint….where again no cars are allowed. My kind of place. There are areas within the school perfect for group activities and many private places to spend time alone. Olhao is a fishing town…and the people that live and work there are hard working fishermen – giving opportunities for some superb portrait painting…something I am planning to do more of this year. As for robbing the Deadwood Stage…..a very special moment 🙂 Do hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend. Janet

      1. davidjrogersftw

        Janet, since reading your post, I’ve been thinking of possibly going to a writers’ retreat–I never have. Also, I’ve been thinking of taking drawing lessons–I never have–though I have read your book and found it useful.

        In writing I’ll reveal anything to anybody, but I do feel self-conscious about showing my drawings. I suppose that’s typical of beginners.

        Today here is a perfect day for this time of year–so summery for February. The buds are appearing on the trees as though nature thinks this is spring and doesn’t realize it’s still winter.

        Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


      2. janetweightreed10 Post author

        Good morning David…I am really surprised to hear you have such spring like weather…must be very unusual for you in Chicago. Quite cold here and getting cooler by end of week, however, having said that, cold for us is not cold for you 🙂 I highly recommend going to a painting or writing retreat…I would make sure that the venue is conducive etc., but if you find the right one it can be so illuminating. Also we connect with like minded people which I feel is very important for we creatives. You might try showing one of your drawings with a blog – sort of dipping your toe in… I wish you could come to Portugal for painting, but I am quite sure that there are some superb workshops closer to you. A seed has been planted…and so let’s see what happens. Wishing you a lovely day and week ahead…janet…p.s. I get to read your blog now….

  3. inesephoto

    Janet – I so love the Coming in with the Surf painting! Will check out the website. What a beautiful atmospheric place to run workshops.
    Your photograph is epic. I imagine the fun you had taking it 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful week xx

  4. kathryningrid

    I’m going to assume you’ll have a spectacular time at the workshop, as usual, but of course send best wishes for it as well! Love the cowgirls—you two should come visit me while I still live in Texas, and we’ll all have a go at being cowgirls together! 😀 Meanwhile, I’m reminded you were in West Chester, where Richard will be doing a workshop this summer. I don’t think we can afford for me to go along this time, and I’m quite sure he’ll be very busy co-leading the conductors’ course, but do tell me if you have any thoughts that he should know about before visiting there, just in case. 😉
    Much love,

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Kathryn…oh yes going to the School in Portugal is like ‘coming home’ for me…I love it and this year because I no longer have the responsibility of Mother, I am going for a longer period 🙂 That’s in April, lots to do before then. Will your husband be giving his workshop at the University in West Chester? There are quite a few people I could put him and you in touch with…let me know more and I will get back to you with some ideas. I lived and worked in and around West Chester for 23 years and still have many connections there. It’s an interesting town as is the general area. Sending love and hope you have a superb day…janet. xxx


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