How Creativity and a simple daily plan contribute to holistic wellbeing.

‘Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind and spirit – the realisation that everything we do, think, feel and believe has an effect on our state of well-being’.   Greg Anderson. 

watercolour/gouache – I painted this overlooking the Usk Valley Wales where the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains meet.       Through Mother Nature we see how all of life is interconnected. 20-11-15 - 1 (267)What is Holistic wellbeing?  

Holistic wellbeing is characterised by the treatment of the whole person.    It is to look at the self from a whole (holistic) perspective and to understand the mind, body, spirit connection.  

To change one fraction of a painting, – changes the whole painting.     This is true for we humans….to change one small part of ourselves, (positively or negatively), changes the whole. 

watercolour/gouache – Brecon Beacons Wales – Mist over the hills. 20-11-15 - 1 (493)In our ever more complex and stressful day to day living, finding ways to balance the different aspects of our lives can at times seem overwhelming.     It is for this reason that I believe to make changes, we first need to create a simple daily plan.  

The following are some of the things that have helped me over the years.

Movement to enhance physical wellbeing –  A daily walk – a stretching routine – dance.   (we don’t have to run a marathon).

Emotional  wellbeing  – We can do this by removing unnecessary technical stuff.    Do we really need our phones on 24/7?

Clearing the space in which we live helps to clear the mind and the body.

Keeping pen and paper close at hand to write down thoughts and feelings.   Emptying our heads before going to sleep by writing down anything that is causing distress or disruption.

Spiritual food –    The creative process in all it’s many forms can feed this need.   Painting, writing, music, gardening, cooking and colour all help to feed our senses and enhance our imagination and observational skills.       

Without establishing simple routines, our creativity can be neglected.    My little book – The Apple Exercise – is all about making space in our daily lives to explore our creativity.     In the book I suggest fifteen minute exercises.

Each person has to create their own simple daily plan, one that works for them.

When we address these simple needs we experience a sense of wellbeing.

This watercolour exercise demonstrates that as we change one small portion of a painting, or ourselves, the whole changes. 

20-11-15-1-726Allow time for a new simple daily plan to become part of who you are….change one element at a time.20-11-15-1-728It takes 28 days to form a new habit.       The key is to be persistent and consistent.        20-11-15-1-729As we make positive simple changes, stress is replaced with a calmness which supports the whole.     This is holistic well-being.    20-11-15-1-731Everything I write in this blog comes from personal experience.    I came up with a simple daily plan for myself thirty-two years ago, when I recognised that my own life had become overwhelming – out of control.       Feeling overwhelmed and fragmented affected my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

You might say that at that time, I had an epiphany, a sudden and striking realisation that I needed and wanted to change.

To make these changes, I started with a very simple daily plan.    Slowly but surely my life improved beyond recognition.

With these tried and true tools in place – I am now able to face stressful situations in a much more constructive way.

‘The key is changing our habits and, in particular, the habits of the mind’.   Buddhist Offerings. 

Happy Valentine’s Day from the magical hummingbirds. 🙂20-11-15 - 1 (458)A Bientot

57 thoughts on “How Creativity and a simple daily plan contribute to holistic wellbeing.

  1. Hutts New World

    ‘Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind and spirit – the realisation that everything we do, think, feel and believe has an effect on our state of well-being’. Greg Anderson. Great wisdom here.

  2. Ben Aqiba

    Hi Janet,

    I like that concept.Small steps to a better future. I like that word “change”,because she is so powerful .Every change requires a lot of effort, even the smallest 🙂

  3. Tish Farrell

    What a joy your Brecon Beacons creations, Janet. The colours not only vivid but revivifying. You hit the nail on the head with regard to establishing a daily routine. That’s something that’s gone awry in Wenlock, though I’m trying to be more focused and being more aware when I’m just fiddling about. We’re having snow flurries here, and it’s rather bleak today. No excuse not to get on with the ‘work in progress’. Happy Wednesday.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much, Tish for this comment. As you know I lived and worked in the Brecon Beacons for twelve years. It is where my love of landscape painting began. Watching the light changing over the hills is mesmerising. We started the day with sunshine, and now it’s very cold, grey and I believe that heavy rain is on the way. Fortunately I am here all day painting. Happy Wednesday. Janet 🙂

  4. BellyBytes

    Every time I feel my life overwhelmingly cluttered I read your posts that are not only inspiring but also calming with the gorgeous water colours you make ….thanks for these Valentine greetings.

  5. davidjrogersftw

    Dear Janet, I’m always in such a hurry that reading this post I thought, “Janet has something here with her daily plan,” but then I thought, “I don’t have the time.” And then I thought, “That’s her point, isn’t it?” I really appreciate you sharing these ideas with us (and of course the artwork is lovely, and oh so good to look at), and I’ll try to find the balance you’re talking about. My big problem is a too-active mind–ruminations. So I like your idea o ending the day by jotting down–and hopefully getting rid of–unpleasant or troubling thoughts. Sometimes I use a “spitting method.” When a thought I don’t like comes up I spit it out ””thoot.”

    Best wishes, David

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Dear David….thank you so much for this comment which put a big smile on my face. I find that at about 3 a.m. my mind can sometimes spin out of control….and again writing down what’s going on does help. Even if what I write needs to be destroyed immediately afterwards !:) I am getting ready to leave for France this weekend, and so am writing lists all over the place, otherwise I would be waking up in the night…’s quite amusing when I think of it. I like your spitting method…….Have wonderful and creative week. Best wishes Janet

  6. Katherine

    I love to see your work always and liked David’s spitting out his bad ideas!I like to read what others do as it helps me.
    Sending love and good wishes Katherine

      1. Katherine

        Yes,I am very warm,Janet and I am weeping with laughter reading what I wrote.It’s as if someone else wrote it.I have become friends with David through you.Thank you very much for that.He has some very interesting ideas.:)xxxx

  7. MicheleMontserrat

    Hi Janet! You mention; “My little book – The Apple Exercise – is all about making space in our daily lives to explore our creativity. In the book I suggest fifteen minute exercises.”
    Is this a book you’ve written, or is it what you call your journal?
    If it’s something you’ve written, is it available anywhere?

  8. theburningheart

    Nothing it’s as predictable as change, and the upheaval, change brings, so it stand to reason, we need to change our attitude about fearing change, and use it for our advantage, and transform ourselves into better individuals, step, by step, as you did. 🙂


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