Inspiration, Guidelines, and Quotations for Writers, Artists, and Other Creators

I read this post from David Rogers when in Portugal….It is superb and once again David speaks with such authority about the inner workings of the creative being.
I will write my first blog about Portugal next week. Janet   All images in this post are by Karin Goeppert. 


Painting of red trees on blue and green background Above Vinci by Karin Goeppert

This is my eighth post of quotations about creativity, creative people, and the creative process that I’ve assembled from my reading and writing. These quotes are valuable because writers, artists, photographers, and actors and other performers have expressed interest in them. They are interested in them because insights into creativity and the creative life can be applied to their work, bring them inspiration, and  increase their knowledge and skills, enabling them to produce increasingly better, more sophisticated, and more popular work. That is an urge to improve and excel that animates almost every creative person from the first morning of the first day of their creative life to midnight of the last.

An important reason a creator hungers for information like this is the competitiveness of fields requiring inventiveness: painting is exceptionally competitive; writing and acting are too, and the creator is looking for an…

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6 thoughts on “Inspiration, Guidelines, and Quotations for Writers, Artists, and Other Creators

  1. Timi Townsend

    Thanks, Janet. I will read this soon. I’m glad you made it home from Portugal in one piece. My best friend, since I was 5, is there right now with her daughter and her 8 year-old grandson on the pilgrim trail, Camino de Santiago Compostela, which has its terminus in Spain. This will be the second time for her and her daughter; the first time for the little boy. She, like you, was looking forward to spending some time in Porto too, which they are doing before hitting the trail.
    I am really looking forward to your post next week. Welcome home to England! –Timi

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much Timi. I will be posting pictures on FB tomorrow and write my first blog to be posted on Tuesday. It was a wonderful trip with absolutely superb people, including two from Iceland. Hoping all is well with you. Janet 🙂

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