Approaching Christmas with childlike, wide eyed wonder……..

Yesterday I was on the bus returning home from Kingston upon Thames.     Most people were carrying large shopping bags and looking pretty exhausted and fed up…..and then quite spontaneously three little children began to sing Christmas carols….and everyone smiled and began to talk to one another.   Everyone’s mood changed…………

watercolour/gouache29872646_10156236175455396_8857424718959096304_oIt”s so easy to get caught up in all the adult stuff.       I remember very well when my own children were young and being responsible for putting on Christmas celebrations with all the trimmings.     Quite often, the real meaning and essence of the celebration was lost,

It would seem that for the most part we humans insist on making life complicated and in doing so forget the pure joy of simple pleasures.

Millie visiting my studio and being caught up in all the colour and magic. P1110644Capucine – a little girl I painted in France this year.    Her eyes were filled with wonder and curiosity  20-11-15 - 1 (1449)

Look at the amazement and curiosity in the eyes of these little Amish boys who had come across a field camera his week in Pennsylvania.      They had no idea what it was or what the flashing light indicated….but were clearly amazed and filled with wonder.    (My son sent me this picture from a friend’s farm). 1397175_10200103094498419_1961274517_oAs adults we don’t have to give up our childlike ways – in fact I believe that a fully integrated person is capable of being both an adult and a child.    The child-like wonder that still lives within us is what keeps us filled with the promise of the unexpected, the spontaneous.

dancing hummingbirds – symbolising the unseen magic in our world……watercolour10841985_10152900246405396_684849903434205677_oIt would seem that it is the simple elements of life that give us all great pleasure.     Singing, dancing, giving to those in need, being part of a community and laughter….and of course a simple smile can change the day for so many people.  

Christmas decorations at Hampton Court Palace. trees hcp I hope that everyone enjoys a Christmas with elements of spontaneity and joy and of course some really good food:)

I will spend the holidays with friends and then my daughter Christie arrives from the USA on the 27th December and will be here with me to celebrate the new years.    What a gift.

May magical hummingbirds surround us all.    26758187_10155992367365396_6811764365978108756_o

A bientot




40 thoughts on “Approaching Christmas with childlike, wide eyed wonder……..

  1. Tish Farrell

    How lovely to have your daughter with you. And not long to wait now. A very happy fiestive season to you, Janet, and thank you for the nudge – reminding us to let out our inner child and be excited!

  2. Writing to Freedom

    Beautiful images, reminders, and sparks of joy! I love the first painting and the wonder in Millie surrounded by all that color. 🙂 Thank you Janet for sharing your gifts of wisdom in reminding us to keep wonder and awe alive as children do so easily. To merriment and play! Happy Holidays… ❤

  3. Yellow Bird

    Your artwork brightens my day every single time and makes me happy just looking at it, so thanks for that. Meant to comment before that you really do have a gift for portraiture. As a non-artist I have always thought it must be the ultimate challenge to succeed in capturing something of the essence of the sitter at that point in time. Season’s Greeting to you and yours from Canada and Joy to the World.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much for this lovely comment. I do love portraiture and find that these very quick watercolours are more likely to capture the essence of a subject than a painting that is toiled over for hours. I hope that you and all your family have a lovely holiday season in beautiful Canada….and that the new year brings with it, good health, peace and of course creativity. janet 🙂

  4. snowbird

    Such a beautiful post, I loved the pictures and paintings. Oh yes, we need to keep that magical child inside us all alive! How lovely that you get to enjoy daughter over the holiday period. Happy

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you Dina…..You are certainly one of those people who has much child within and without which of course makes it such a pleasure to be with you and to know you. I do hope that we get to see one another in 2019. Happy Holidays to you, Hubs all the family and of course all the animals. Janet xxx

  5. davidjrogersftw

    Dear Janet, I know that you and Christie will have a great loving time together this Christmas time. The thought of you together makes me happy. The post is lovely–the thoughts and the art of course. Dancing birds, wonderful. Being Welsh with music in my veins I especially love the Christmas songs. I was at a party recently and spontaneously everyone, Jewish people among us, burst into” O Holy Night” enthusiastically, and it was beautiful and filled the house with loving feelings.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Dear David, I am so happy that Christie will be with me and am now organising the flat/studio for her arrival.

      It is positively amazing what happens when people relax, loosen up and sing. When the little children on the bus, (a bus filled with pretty glum looking adults,) began to sing….everything changed in an instant…and it cost nothing.

      With your Welsh heritage music is in your blood. Music abounds everywhere in Wales and one of my most beautiful memories was when taking my daily walk through the hills around Crickhowell, when I heard a heavenly host from somewhere? It was the voices of a Welsh Male Choir singing in the grounds of an ancient church. It was heavenly.

      So pleased you experienced some real Festive moments with the singing of O Holy Night….one of my favourites.

      Have a lovely holiday with the family and a peaceful, healthy and creative new year. I will be thinking about you.

      By the way, I am writing every day and finding the process very interesting. Much more on that at a later date.

      I will be responding to your last blog soon…as always it hit many chords with me.

      Janet :)xx

      1. davidjrogersftw

        Thank you Janet for your warm wishes. I’m very excited about your writing project and look forward in the future discussing it with you from time to time. If there is one thing I know lots about it is writing projects, as i know do you since I’ve loved the ease and beauty of your writing since I first read it what, four hundred years ago. My fondest thoughts to you and Happy Holidays enjoying your time with your dear Christie.


      2. janetweightreed10 Post author

        Good morning David….After a wonderful holiday season with my daughter Christie, I am now ready to get back on track. Thank you so much for your offer to help with the writing process…..When I gather my thoughts properly I will indeed be asking fo your advice. I keep getting insights and breakthroughs and so putting it all down in a cohesive manner is important so that when I read it back I understand what my thought process was.!
        I do hope that you and the family have enjoyed a lovely Christmas and that the New Year brings with it peace, good health and of course much creativity. I will be responding to your last blog in the next couple of days….its content is very important for me. Happy New Year – and my very best wishes. Janet 🙂

  6. Jet Eliot

    What an incredible theme today, Janet, and a brilliant reminder of the joys in the season and in life. I like the real-life story of your experience on the bus; and the photos and paintings capturing wonder and delight. And your paintings which embrace all of these elements: wonder, joy, and delight are a supreme pleasure and honor to behold. My warmest wishes for continued light and spontaneity.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning dear Jet. Having had a beautiful Christmas and festive season with my daughter it is now time to get back on track…and I must admit, I am ready. I wish for you a New Year filled with joy, peace and good health and of course much creativity. janet 🙂

  7. Content Catnip

    Hi Janet, what a beautiful reminder to always keep the inner child filled with wonder at our side. She/he is the person who makes creative work shine. Your portrait of the little girl was so lovely here. I hope you enjoy your Christmas with your visiting daughter. xxxx hugs

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much Bonnie. I have enjoy a really lovely holiday season with Christie here and now here we are in the new year…all very exciting. Happy New Year to you and the family and here’s to a very creative one. Janet 🙂

  8. whitefeatherfloating

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Janet! With our kids grown and out on their own, this was our most serene year we’ve had in a long time! LOL!
    I’m glad you got to visit with your daughter. I love your art and the pictures in this post.
    I am one who has always stayed a child within. This explains my recent obsession with the best old Disney movies! 😉 I love the artists Walt Disney worked with, and he sure was quite a creative genius himself!
    Happy New Year, Janet.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much. I had a fabulous Christmas and New years with my daughter. We had so much fun. Glad to hear that you enjoyed a very serene one:) I remember when my children were young and holidays were anything but serene……… I love old Disney moves…Lady and the Tramp is one of my favourites….and yes I to think that Walt Disney was a creative genius. From everything I have heard about him, he was also supposed to be a really lovely man. Happy New Year to you Patsy….Here’s to a year filled with peace, good health and much creativity. Janet xx


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