The Lives of Talented Creatives

Another gem from David Rogers featuring the beautiful paintings of Richard Claremont who I follow on twitter. I highly recommend for all creatives and for anyone associated with a creative…….


Painting of cherry pink blossom tree Cherry Blossom Tree in Shinjuku Garden by Richard Claremont

Creatives do exceptionally well what others find difficult, and that is the definition of a talent. Talent is the distinguishing quality of creatives, usually talent in one field.  Although a creative can be very talented in more than one area, as many bloggers are, as Vincent van Gogh, a wonderfully expressive writer of letters as well as painter was, the creative’s talent in one area dominates. My seven year old grandson is a much better painter than I am because he is gifted in art, and I certainly am not. (It doesn’t take long for the buds of talent to burst into bloom in a child). My talents are linguistic, and of all the arts I, who grew up in home where music filled the house, I’ve always wished I could write beautiful music–but I can’t.

I have a composer friend…

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8 thoughts on “The Lives of Talented Creatives

  1. Jet Eliot

    Thanks for sharing David’s post on Creatives, Janet, very enjoyable. I especially enjoyed looking at the stunning artwork of Richard Claremont. whew.

  2. dancingpalmtrees

    It’s Cherry Blossom season in New York City and I’ve been taking photographs of every Cherry Blossom Tree I encounter in Brooklyn. The season is short so I must capture as much beauty as possible.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      That sounds like the perfect thing to do. I have been in New York many times during this season and it is beautiful…..Enjoy and thank you so much for the comment. Janet 🙂


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