A Perfect Day


I spent the past weekend with my life long friends Mick and Gail at their lovely home in Kent, not too far from where we grew up.

Gail, Mick and I went to school together when we were little children….i.e. five years old!    Although I left the UK in 1966 for the States and didn’t return until 1993, our friendship endured.

Interestingly we are all artists.    Mick a photographer/musician and Gail, writer, historian and musician.      There must have been something in the water at the school we attended.

This visit was super special because I got to meet Cosmo, their first grandchild….and he is an angel……

Cosmo in the garden…..such a joy. 20190829_140428

Mick – watercolour

1048835_10151869969370396_914185022_o-3Gail – watercolour1094709_10151869967675396_22212606_o-3On Saturday we drove to Viking Bay Broadstairs to reminisce.    It turned out to be a perfect day in every way including the weather.

Given that Mick and Gail live in the middle of the countryside we drove…..and immediately found a parking place just a minute from the Bay.    Good start…..

Broadstairs is a place where we spent a lot of our childhood….and so I am really happy to report that Viking Bay is relatively unchanged other than some new amusements for children at one end of the beach.            The pier is still the same and many of the cafes and shops overlooking the beach are still there…including Morelli’s ice cream and coffee which was our first port of call……and oh my it was good.   20190830_112841Overlooking this part of the beach is the old band stand….a place I always enjoyed as a child.        I have special memories of when my Grandmother would take me to Broadstairs for the week….just the two of us.    She would allow me to do all sorts of things including enter the talent competitions held on the band stand.  Such happy memories:)

On the bandstand this Saturday – no competition this time……P8300864P8300862Sixty three years, before when I was ten years old….close to the pier.    Time is such an illusion. til August 10 295As we walked along the promenade we happened upon this lovely woman with her even lovelier cat:).   Apparently the cat walked with her every day to the beach.    When we came across her, I had just been saying how much I look forward to having another cat of my own.     A good omen I think…..


20190830_111558We then walked to the pier where we had the most delicious fish and chips….watched over by this very healthy looking seagull who I am glad to report behaved him/herself. 20190830_114442All the while, we talked about our childhood memories….It was such a gentle, lovely day….and again another reminder of the importance of making the most of every single moment.

As we sat there enjoying the views, sounds, and smells and of course our fish and chips, I was reminded of this quote by Alan Watts  

‘I have realised that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is…….’

The hummingbirds are weaving their magic…… watercolour26198604_10155949289200396_7377987670122973739_o

This magical hummingbird is drinking from the sweet nectar of life…………………

A Bientôt







32 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. tidalscribe

    A lovely blog. I had two of my earliest holidays at Broadstairs which i can just about remember – I had to be bribed off the beach with the promise of a ride on the little train. My daughter and family now live round the corner in Margate so we have seen plenty of Broadstairs in the last four years.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you for this. After we left Broadstairs we drove along the coast and through Margate which looked very good on such a beautiful sunny day. I hadn’t; been there since the museum opened.

  2. Gallivanta

    These long term friendships from childhood are so precious, as are our memories of childhood places. I am glad you were able to revisit Broadstairs.I can imagine how much fun it would have been to have your grandmother all to yourself for a week. I smiled when I realised that we have both written posts remembering childhood, and chosen a photo of our 10 year old selves. ( Well, I think I was about 10!) Your smile is just as lovely now as when you were 10. 🙂

  3. Elisabeth Creuzer

    Que de beaux souvenirs, et une belle amitié. Tu es vraiment fidèle en amitié, Janet. Je t’envoie plein de baisers.

  4. John Haywood

    Hi Janet – your post brought back many happy memories for me! I lived in that area for a number of years, first in Whitstable and then Margate so explored a lot of the East Kent Coast, much of which is idyllically picturesque – and Broadstairs is a quintessential English seaside town. Reminds me that I’m long overdue a visit to that part of the world. I also enjoyed being reminded of the power and joy of longstanding friendships – made me reminisce about a few of my own!

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you John for your comment. Along that coastline are some wonderful places to paint (as I am sure you are fully aware) – the light can be so good. Kent in general has changed a lot since my childhood but there are places, and Viking Bay Broadstairs is one, where it really does feel like time has stood still. Janet 🙂

      1. John Haywood

        Yes Janet – quite agree about Viking Bay, and Botany Bay if I remember correctly. I’d only just started to do an evening class in watercolour before I moved away so never actually painted anything from the area – all the more reason to go back and visit! Thanks again Janet 🙏🏻

  5. Content Catnip

    Sounds like and looks like the perfect day Janet. The Alan Watts quote really summarised it perfectly too. I never knew about this part of England it looks really pretty and I would love to check it out myself some day

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Pretty much like everywhere that part of the UK has changed immensely since my childhood…including the Chunnel Tunnel…..but places like Broadstairs (certainly the Viking Bay) is virtually unchanged…and really does feel like moving backing time – in a very good way. Janet 🙂

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Viking Bay Broadstairs looks exactly as I remember it as a young child. We had ice cream in the same place we used to enjoy when children….They still have Punch and Judy on the beach…..it’s lovely

  6. Jet Eliot

    A perfectly delightful visit to Broadstairs, Janet, thanks for taking us along with you. Your day sounds filled with magic and beauty. I studied each photo, found it very interesting, this beachside town. And I l o v e d the photos of you at the bandstand, the past and present. I also liked hearing about your trips here with your grandmother, how very special, and your friends from long ago. Excellent quote too. And of course, the watercolors that flow from your gifted hands — so very wonderful.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Dear Jet….Thank you so much for reading and leaving this lovely comment. What I didn’t say in this post was that when I was about 14 – it was time when ‘the powers that be’ were endeavouring to bring the young people of Europe together so that we would not suffer another terrible war. I remember so well being on that beach with young people of my age from France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Holland etc…and we had a wonderful time. It was the beginning of our European Union which I believe has contributed greatly to peace in Europe during the past yeas. Looking back I recognise how remarkable our parents were who had fought in the wars. They helped in this process by welcoming young people from around Europe into their homes and we Brits were welcomed into th homes of our fellow Europeans. It was a special time and so whenever I think of, or go to Broadstairs those memories are paramount in my mind. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend. Janet 🙂


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