“What is courage without risk…..?

“What is courage without risk….It wouldn’t really be courage, would it?  Jocelyn Murray.20191014_085042Simply going about our daily lives can often take great courage….however, every now and then someone we meet reminds us what the word really means      This was the case during my recent workshop in Portugal.

When I first met Angela at the School in Olhao Portugal, it was clear that she had some mobility issues.     The School had arranged a motor scooter  (quickly dubbed Angela’s chariot:) so that she could get around the streets of Olhao.     Having never ridden one before she quickly got the hang of it. IMG-20191009-WA0014I learned that along with mobility issues, Angela had recently recovered from cancer.   I also learned that she had not travelled for over fifteen years.         As she didn’t know me or anyone else in the group….Angela’s signing up for the course was an act of courage and trust.20191017_104531Although Angela has enjoyed sketching and art for sometime, coming to the School in Olhao was to be a first – a totally new experience.20191015_130719When everything is in place in our lives….health, money, etc. exhibiting courage can be easier.    We have more confidence when these vital elements are in place.        What ‘separates the men from the boys’, is when those vital ingredients aren’t in place, particularly with regards to health.     Then exhibiting courage can be more difficult.20190110_143030  

My course in Portugal is all about loosening up and letting go of pre-conceived ideas and the Chattering Monkeys that tend to fill our minds with all the reasons why we CANNOT do something!

Through loosening up and doing things differently, We learn that I CANNOT can be replaced with I CAN……

Taking this principle into all areas of our lives can change everything.     When Angela decided to replace I CAN’T with I CAN – when she signed up for the course…a whole new world opened up for her.20190108_134301This quote is from Angela when talking about loosening up.

“Even if I’m feeling scared I can still go for it.    When doing that, joy and laughter take over pretty quickly”.     

Something for us all to remember……

Magical hummingbirds are appropriate for this post as they demonstrate and exhibit great courage in all areas of their lives…..

A magical. hummingbird drinking from the sweet nectar of life…..20-11-15 - 1 (358)Wishing one and all a peaceful and creative day.

A bientot






34 thoughts on ““What is courage without risk…..?

  1. Timothy Price

    Beautiful post. Beautiful hummingbirds. Artists friends of mine where in Portugal late last year or earlier this year doing art residencies.

  2. Writing to Freedom

    I admire Angela’s courage to step into bold new choices. May she thrive and may I learn from her courage and resilience. Thanks for sharing her story Janet. I love the lessons and this collection of paintings! Hugs…

  3. Katherine

    An imaginative subject to write about.I find it very cheering to read of someone so brave.We all need more courage and as you say it’s harder when we already suffer physical or mental health problems.Being with the other students would have been transformiing
    Love itt,Katherine

      1. Katherine

        I was so pleased to see the courage of someone who is not able to walk but she got to your Art Week.That in itself would help her alot,You’ve produced some lovely images from that.Katherine.xxx

  4. davidjrogersftw

    Janet, I’m so impressed with Angela’s bravery as I always am with courageous people. A women getting out after years of illness and being with strangers is indeed bravery. A child going to the first day of school can be bravery. Giving a speech when you’re afraid of public speaking takes courage. Thank you for such a fine example of it. Certainly I’m reminded of your own courage in recent months.

    I have to comment on the beautiful paintings you included in this post. The lush colors and the hummingbirds signify the spirit and courage you talk about in the post. Thank you very much


    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning David. I thought of you when I wrote this blog knowing how much ‘courage’ is a part of your writings. Angela was indeed an inspiration to everyone on the course, reminding us all that we can do so much more than we often think we can.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Janet 🙂

  5. Jet Eliot

    Really appreciated the reminder about courage, Janet, and the importance it has in our daily lives for moving forward. Your paintings here have a way of perfectly expressing what your words are articulating. The first spikey painting here of the bright orange and yellow hummingbird is all about courage. Thanks so much for this inspiring message, and for the delightful hummingbirds, each one a burst of joy.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you dear Jet. I have been thinking about you so much with more fires in your area of California….Hope you are OK. I have just returned from visiting my cousin in Cardiff which was lovely and made even better by finding your comments here. Janet 🙂


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