Making a difference – with the understanding that all of life is interconnected.

When I change one tiny section of a ten meter mural…everything is changed.    The rhythm, balance, composition, everything.    The same is true for life.

The other day I watched a documentary about Clive James  (Australian critic, broadcaster and writer.)      Filmed in 1991, London looked like a different world to the one we are inhabiting now.      Much less crowded….no one carrying i phones….generally speaking a seemingly more manageable place.

Since 1991 many things have served to change the rhythm, balance and composition of our beautiful world.    So much has changed in such a short period.    Far too rapidly for we human beings to assimilate in a balanced fashion. P1100748Today we find ourselves with leaders who clearly have no understanding of interconnectedness, rhythm, harmony and balance overseeing and governing our collective futures.      We wake each day alert to what new form of madness, they have imposed upon us!     

Meanwhile, our beautiful world becomes more and more unstable……and mental disease more prevalent in humans of all ages. P1100739

So many feel a deep sense of frustration and loss.     How can we make a difference?   How can we help to bring some form of equilibrium back into our lives…..?

There are ways as individuals we can make small but significant differences…

For the last two evenings, I watched The Choir: featuring Gareth Malone and the inmates of Aylesbury Prison.      Not only was it uplifting and moving, it showed how  differences can be made.    I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t seen this to watch on BBC 2 I Player.  

Gareth Malone did more in a short period of time with minimal funding than all of our politicians put together.  P1100740The power behind Gareth’s work is of course creativity….in his case music.

Anyone who has followed my blog will know that I am constantly talking about creativity being the key to emotional, physical and spiritual well being.      In The Choir we see the creative process achieving these goals. P1100742And so my friends, at the beginning of a new year and decade, I suggest that everyone find a form of creativity that works for them.     Something that calms and heals the mind  and body.

Then think of the small ways you can make a difference…….

P1100748I found this on FB yesterday.


And of course don’t forget the unseen energy that magical hummingbirds show us.65184284_10157321058520396_8159511051407196160_o

A Bientôt




31 thoughts on “Making a difference – with the understanding that all of life is interconnected.

  1. Writing to Freedom

    Thank you for adding your bit of joy, beauty, and kindness to the world Janet. I will keep adding my bits with words and photos and maybe try some new creative pursuits too. I’d like to think all our actions could sway the balance, but it’s hard to believe with all the madness in the world. Hugs…

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you dear Brad….Wishing you a very healthy, peaceful and creative new year. If enough of us pursue beauty, peace and creativity….I do believe we can make a difference, even during madness!:)X

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you for the comment. Interestingly, I painted these a few years ago as part of a watercolour demonstration. I chose them for this blog because they reminded me also of the first in Oz. Happy and very creative new year to you. Janet XX

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you dear Katherine….We are all living in a state of fragility….and so it is vitally important that we work together and help one another. Wishing you a year filled with beautiful poems – love Janet XXXXX

  2. Yellow Bird

    Well said, Janet. Perhaps all is not yet lost when an Australian comic can raise $40+million via social media for Australian volunteer firefighters. People power when governments appear powerless!

  3. snowbird

    Wise words, as always my friend! Yes, we can all make a difference by making small changes. Love the paintings, those fires are truly


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