Earliest childhood memories and what they indicate….

Having recently celebrated my 74th birthday, I find myself thinking a great deal about my journey through life, starting with my earliest childhood memory.

An atmospheric sketch I made in Brittany France last May – watercolour/gouache69260072_10157477854895396_666887689538109440_oTen years ago I attended an Adlarian Workshop here in the UK.   The whole experience was good, but the one thing that made an impression and has stayed with me since was the Alarian understanding that we can learn about who we are and what our purpose in life is by acknowledging our earliest childhood memory.

A sketch from a balcony in the beautiful village of Saorge, Southeastern France – watercolour/gouche69855152_10157518440245396_6175012092211363840_oIn many ways I am fortunate to have a visual record of my life journey through sketches/ painting and more latterly writing.        Otherwise given that life seems to move so rapidly, I can see how easily it would be for memories to merge together in a bit of a blur.        Being able to look at sketch books over the years reminds me of all sorts of moments that I know might otherwise have disappeared into the ether and been forgotten…

walking the Brecon Monmouthshire Canal…Crikchowell Wales. – watercolour/gouache20200126_111008The story of my earliest childhood memory.

It was 1949 and my Mother and I were living in Dovercourt Essex.    My Father was still in the Royal Navy on an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean.    I can remember being cold (no central heating at that time – only coal fires).     Even at that tender age I knew that my Mother was not happy, and I can understand why.     Even though the war was over….my father was still away and my young mother was on her own with a small child.

rapid watercolour/gouache sketch from Brecon Monmouthshire Canal overlooking Crickhowell 

39887021_10156586330645396_9141085084848226304_nOne day when playing in the garden, I somehow escaped…and made my way into the centre of the little town where I had seen a beautiful and colourful carousel in the window of a cobbler’s shop.

When the cobbler came out to ask me where I lived, I gave him my Grandmother’s address in Kent…..Meanwhile, my poor Mother was frantic and the police had been alerted.

Dovercourt is a seaside town and where we lived was minutes away from the sea, sometimes a very rough sea…..causing much concern.

Seas and rocks….watercolour/goauche. 20200126_143102When I looked at this incident which was one of my clearest and earliest childhood memories I recognised that Escaping and seeking out the Colourful carousel were indications of my my life story. .

This is the sketch I made during the Adlarian workshop…of the three year old me  in front of the colourful carousel in the Cobbler’s window. 20200126_132619 And just to confirm my ‘escape artist’ tendencies….in this photograph I am wearing my harness and reins…complete with bells:)

til August 10 226


A Bientôt.







12 thoughts on “Earliest childhood memories and what they indicate….

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      This did make me laugh:). I have made my living as an artist for the past 50 years and am surprised that brick walls didn’t figure more in my earliest memory…..thank you. Janet

  1. Writing to Freedom

    Happy Belated Birthday Janet! It’ nice to have such clear memories from childhood. My blog and photos are becoming a sort of anchor and link to the past for me, but they don’t go back very far. Cheers to you and your escapist tendencies! 🎉

  2. Unishta

    How wonderful to finally meet a blogger who is older than I am. I’m 62 next month and would like to reach out to a mature blogger. The harness and bells did startle me a bit… but I suppose that was the only way to keep an eye on you.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Your comment made me smile. Age has always been just a number to me. The key is to maintain good health and a very curious mind:). I began writing a blot about 14 years ago…(early blogging days) and so have quite a few blog friends who are my age…..Yes, the harness and bells were very necessary……:). Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Janet

  3. snowbird

    I had you pegged as an escape artist, nothing can keep you couped up! What a lovely post, I just loved the blues in these paintings, just gorgeous and atmospheric. My first memory was bouncing on a bed with my brother. My mother was trying to nurse a new baby and told us if we didn’t stop it she would run away! xxx


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