watercolour exercise……IRIS

This watercolour exercise is all about letting go and loosening up.    There are no mistakes.      Whatever the paint does….let it happen, and most importantly allow yourself to PLAY PLAY PLAY…….20-11-15-1-725

All the white areas are DRY WHITE PAPER……(In some areas I have added some permanent white gouache where the watercolour and gouache bleed).

I am allowing the paint to bleed and do its own thing where it touches a wet area……

20-11-15-1-726The strong dark I have added in this next frame is a mix of BURNT SIENNA AND PRUSSIAN BLUE – I don’t use black.20-11-15-1-728In this frame I have scraped out some of the dark with a knife to add energy.   All white areas continue to be DRY WHITE PAPER.20-11-15-1-730Note that I am moving colours around the image to produce a sense of rhythm.27164538_10156023231000396_5682597220846199362_oThe most important thing is to have FUN…..and to PLAY a little every day.

20190915_125625For those of you who have been waiting to see the video we shot in December….you will have a little longer to wait…..

In doing this filming, I learned a great deal and will now be far better equipped to put some videos together…..watch this space:)

A Bientôt



18 thoughts on “watercolour exercise……IRIS

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      This paper happens to be NOT – somewhere in the middle of cold pressed/rough and Hot pressed smooth. However, for PLAYING purposes you can use anything, including newspaper. Often when I have given workshops, I have people use newspaper and it is when they often do their best work…because they are not intimidated by the paper. A good tip is to order a ‘sample pack’ of watercolour papers…which allows you to experiment and play. Ken Bromley does a good one.

  1. Annika Perry

    Janet, wonderfully vibrant paintings of the iris flowers … a joy this grey January morning! Although not an artist I was interested to read about your technique and your emphasis to have fun and play a little everyday! Something we should all heed as we go through our lives!😀

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you Annika for your comment and for reading the blog. I believe it is something that we should all do a little of every single day….and it can be done in so many creative ways….singing, dancing, cooking, gardening, and simply day dreaming……:). Janet X


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