Turn OFF the news and bring on the COLOUR……

I would suggest to anyone this weekend, to turn OFF the news and turn ON the colour. 

20-11-15 - 1 (31)

I for one am fed up with hearing news commentators and politicians go on and on about every negative circumstance they can come up with.   You can almost hear the glee in their voices with each new pending disaster.

20-11-15 - 1 (145)

I can only imagine the affect that all of this is having, with my biggest concern being for young children who must be very frightened and confused.


As responsible adults we must try to bring a healthy prospective to all of this….and most importantly talk to our children, take them into Mother Nature and create wonderful things with them.   Get the paints out, sing and dance….Give them a sense hope…..

20-11-15 - 1 (88)

We must look for the positive and try to live one day at a time.


It is my hope that through climate change issues and now the coronavirus...we can all learn new ways of being.   Better ways of being.     So let’s stop worrying about hand gel and toilet paper….and focus more on what we can do to make lasting positive changes. 


Enjoy the weekend.    🙂

39 thoughts on “Turn OFF the news and bring on the COLOUR……

  1. Unishta

    Will definitely bring on the colour . This coming week we celebrate the onset of Spring with the festival of colour where the town is literally painted red with coloured powders ( predominantly red ) smeared on each other .

  2. Writing to Freedom

    I completely agree Janet. We need to stop feeding the system of fear and get out to enjoy life. Connect to real people, nature, and purpose like helping each other. Thanks for keeping hope and joy alive. ❤

  3. Jet Eliot

    Thanks so much, Janet, for turning on the color and demonstrating the vibrant side of life with these magnificent paintings. There’s nothing like flowers and birds and bright colors to stir us into a good mood. Enjoyed the Anthony Hopkins graphic and quote, too. I hope your weekend is filled with delights, Janet.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      I agree….we are very fortunate to work as artists from home/studio on several levels, not least of which is that if we do get into a lock down situation….we won’t be bored!

  4. Virginia Porter

    A. M. E. N. !!!!!!!!
    Turn up the volume and DANCE.
    LAW OF ATTRACTION is as real as the Law of gravity.
    Think happy.
    Be happy.
    As often as possible.
    Thank you sweet Janet..


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