Thinking out of the box…….

‘It isn’t enough to think outside the box.    Thinking is passive.   Get used to acting outside the box’    Tim Ferris

watercolour in paperback book…..


For those who are scared to mark a new piece of paper, or for that matter don’t have any watercolour paper – I suggest using newspaper, wrapping paper, envelopes or inexpensive rolls of wallpaper lining, – or maybe as shown above, playing with a well read paperback book….Why Not?

For everyone, I recommend warming up and playing a little every day.      This will keep the creative juices flowing.

You don’t have to produce a finished painting…far from it.   We often produce our best work through our warm up exercises…..

Hummingbirds on newspaper. – watercolour/gouache



Newspaper is great for doodling….Keep doodling until you begin to relax….

Like athletes and dancers, artists need to stretch and warm up every day…

20200326_102630Given that we are all housebound maybe it’s time to look around our living space for ‘still life’ opportunities.    As soon as I put that thought in my head, bingo…all sorts of new ideas came to the forefront.    (More about that in future blogs)

watercolour in paperback book20200326_101001Also please ignore any Chattering Monkeys that might be filling your head with reasons why you should not, and cannot do something.    IGNORE THEM…..

I based the newspaper exercise on a watercolour/felt tip pen sketch from one of my many sketchbooks.


Special thoughts to those parents with young children who are trying to work and entertain at the same time, often in small spaces.

Although my children are adults, I remember very well what it was to work and look after children..and it’s not easy under the best of circumstances.

Maybe some newspaper, newsprint, wall paper lining, and felt tip pens could get those little ones doodling for sanity:)

Wishing one and all a creative day…














13 thoughts on “Thinking out of the box…….

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning and thank you so much for the comment. I think it would be wonderful for you and your granddaughter to PLAY and DOODLE…good for the soul and everything else. I hope you have a lovely time together…and would love to see what you do. Janet 🙂 X


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