Arrivals day. A virtual week of fun and creativity at Art in the Algarve.

When the unexpected happens, adjustments need to be made.     Therefore my course at Art in the Algarve this week will be a Virtual course.

This is for those who were signed up and couldn’t make it….those who have been before and want a refresher and for anyone else who is interested in the creative process.      

By following my blog you will be able to ask questions and make comments plus you will be able to return here at your leisure.     No deadlines or worries…..   

We will need to use our collective imagination to conjure up the incredible atmosphere of the School and the old town of Olhao, which of course we will do, and don’t forget the delicious coffee, ice cream and the Portuguese custard tarts and so much more:)  

Olhao stairs – watercolour74235539_10157674169065396_4511698166164226048_o

Today is arrivals day for my spring course at the School in Olhao Portugal.

I know I am back with the wonderful Art in the Algarve family when Nuno taxi driver picks me up at  Faro airport.     During the twenty minute drive from airport to School, I sit back and enjoy hearing about all political developments in Portugal and the rest of the world from the wonderfully exuberant Nuno.   Just thinking about him puts a smile on my face.

The side entrance to the School on left. P1150715

Arrivals day is also departure day for the previous group and so can be a little hectic,  all part of the School’s charm and magic.

People come from all over the world at staggered times depending on flights, which means that Nuno  is back and forth to the airport like a yoyo.

On this course people will be arriving from Hawaii, Norway, France, UK and goodness knows where else.

We are met by Margarida, the beating heart of the School.      Schedules and keys to rooms are given and suit cases dispatched….and then it’s time to get an overview of the School and possibly take a siesta before the evening festivities when we all get to meet one another.


We first enter into the main reception/dining room (this image shows another group enjoying their evening meal) a place which can be for quiet meditation during the day or filled with conversation and laughter over lunch or dinner.      

From here we walk through to one of the central courtyards or can take stairs to the upper levels.20-11-15 - 1 (267)beautiful shadow play in main central courtyard. P1150865One of. the many areas to meet and paint throughout the School.90246264_3073746322658827_7094020125870784512_oHere we find the beautiful 150 year old olive tree that meanders up through the three levels of the School.     Note the beautiful shadow play…..10911289_10153000981200396_7641824883260633009_o


The entrance to the well equipped studio is off the courtyard….P1150875There are several flight of steps leading to upper levels…In this image we look back down into the Pool House courtyard…I love all the abstract shapes 56603110_10157136746740396_4292900643636510720_oLooking up from the courtyard pool at the azure skies….72383155_10157623955880396_6464966846192812032_oOn the top level wonderful views of the tiled roofs and Algarve Chimneys plus another  small pool…56603185_10157143935260396_1009364207012937728_oLooking down into the alleyway behind the School….P1120275One of several terraces on an upper level18192442_1510628085637333_1265868368823901760_oAlmost at the top of the olive tree…..looking down into the courtyard from the third level10924594_10153000976605396_197919199207441078_o-3What I can’t capture in these photographs is the atmosphere…there really is a certain kind of magic about the place.

This School is the perfect place for a group to explore the creative process.    So many areas where someone can go off on their own, or plenty of room for group demonstrations and meetings.         Situated in the heart of the old town of Olhao we are able to walk everywhere.

On this first evening, we will raise a glass or two to toast what will be a week of creative expression and enjoy our first meal together.  It’s a time when new friendships are made and any fears are hopefully quickly removed.

Storks are synonymous with Olhao.    Tomorrow we will see them.  12916867_10154000036035396_4240421678841606897_o-2

After a good nights sleep, we will meet for breakfast in the dining room around 8.30 ish.      Breakfast is prepared by Joanna who also oversees the housekeeping.     She is a quiet and beautiful presence in the School. .

At breakfast we will discuss the plan for the day.     Be prepared for loosening up and lots of colour:)

See you in the morning.





40 thoughts on “Arrivals day. A virtual week of fun and creativity at Art in the Algarve.

  1. jenanita01

    You did capture some of the atmosphere, I could feel it seeping into my shredded nerves, the smell of the place intoxicating. What a perfectly wonderful place to learn to paint!

      1. janetweightreed10 Post author

        I am mimicking what would have been my week’s course at the School and so every day until next Wednesday 22nd when we fly on virtual planes home, there will be demos etc. Again, this is something you can read now, and six months down the road go back to you and follow the exercise. Stay safe:)X

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